My Family

My Family

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Shaylee will be 3 soon !

WOW I can't believe my little girl is going to be 3 soon !!!! 16 days ! Her first 2 years went so fast ! Where did it go !? She has always been such a smart, happy, energetic little girl . She had her little issues nothing major . She has sleep issues from birth it is going better more and more but still a work in progress. She isn't potty trained yet but shows alot of signs of being ready just hasn't been able to pee pee on the potty yet. I am sitting here trying to type and Shaylee is buggin the living day lights out of me !! Since Cassie was born Shaylee has become WAY needy and I know it's just her way of coping with Cassie by here but it can get overwhelming when she gets in her phase of neediness. I love her she's the funniest , sweetest , prettiest little girl you will ever meet but so stressful at times and I know it will get better as Cassie gets older so that Shaylee and Cassie can interact more and more . Also when she turns 4 she gets to go into preschool which we opted to not to put her in at 3 just because of all the changes we thought it would be best to wait. Then also we would like to put her in gymnastics at 4 as well .

For her birthday we are doing a Tinkerbell theme it went back and forth from Tink to Gabba then settled for Tink since Tink is more of her favorite anyway. We are doing pizza , cheesy bread, chips , pop and cake with just my parents , sister and 2 great grandma's .

2 months with Cassie !

Cassie is 2 months now she is has started smiling alot , trying to sit up believe it or not, making baby noises, chewing her hands , twisting her hands together our evil genius ! She is a little pig she can't make it more than 3 hours to eat and she takes about 4 oz each time . She is starting to teeth which is crazy Shaylee didn't teeth till 9 months and didn't get a tooth in till 11 months !!! She looks more and more like her big sister everyday! Her 2 month check up isn't till Monday but I am guessing she is 14 lbs and about 24-25 inches.
Shaylee is still adjusting . She's been such a hand full since Cassie was born so stressful . Not sleeping at night till about 11pm or later waking up at 7am for the day refuses to take naps which she still needs ! Doesn't listen to us , constantly wants food , constantly wants her baba ( pacifier ) trying to get her away from that damn thing but she is so attached to it more after Cassie was born , trying to potty train her which she shows ALOT of the signs and she tries to potty she just hasn't gotten it yet. I know it's not her fault her life has changed since Cassie was born we have tried to keep as much the same as always.
It's just a progress for all of us.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The week of Christmas

Today was my dad's side of the families Christmas it was like it usually ends up , mom , me , and Steve in the kitchen at the table talking just the 3 of us and everyone else in the living room watching sports and Shaylee running around and Cassie sleeping away .
Tomorrow I have to run to Best Buy because dumb dumb me totally forgot that Steve's birthday is the day after christmas !! How could I forget that after 11 years together !!! Also order his cake I don't have to go out until his birthday to pick it up. Tuesday wrap all gifts , Wednesday is girls day out with my mom and sister we are having lunch and seeing New Moon FINALLY !!! , Thursday make pasta salad and fudge for Friday and CLEAN and go through Shay's toy box and move out some old toys to make room for new toys !

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Potty Training

We have been trying to potty train Shaylee since Thanksgiving . So far nothing exciting has happened. She was told by grandma that she gets a big toy once she goes potty on the potty . We also told her she gets a big toy if she goes on the potty. We sit her on the potty first thing in the morning, she gets all excited and tries so hard but she just farts ! She thinks that's too funny and then she gets upset that she can't pee we just tell her she can try later. She doesn't want to try later so it's mainly a morning thing now. It's a start . We also have been cutting back on milk giving her 1% milk instead of 2% and not letting her have more than 3 sippy cups of it ( the sippy cups are 10 oz) that's still too much according to the doctor but it's better than what we were giving her which was 6-7 sippy cups a day ! She at first HATED it and threw fits but now she is used to it. THen also we are trying to get her off her "baba" ( pacifer) we have to tell her if she doesn't have it all day ( with the exception of nap) she can have dessert as long as she doens't ask for her "baba" and throw fits when we say no "baba". that is going so - so right now. She keeps telling us she is a baby and she needs it she doesn't want to be a big girl. That could be due to Cassie not sure. Shaylee is doing really well with Cassie she loves her so much , tells her she loves her and how cute she is , helps us out as much as she can . The only thing is that since Cassie Shaylee has started to not listen to us and gets into trouble for not listening more than she did before . Her sleeping has gotten about 10 % better she is napping more when we tell her it's nap time and she has been going to at night in her own bed more which is great but she still wakes up early ( 7am ) and screams for me till I come to get her she can't just play in her room till I come and get her around 9am like she used to .


December and January

December and January are really busy for us since we have so much going on from middle of December all the way to the middle of January !
It pretty much starts right now the week before Christmas . I have to start wrapping gifts, go to dad's side of the family get together, do my usual house work and grocery shopping, get the house ready for family since we are hosting Christmas dinner this year since we have a big enough house this year, Christmas Eve is Cassie's 2 month birthday she's getting so big and so much more alert even though she has been pretty alert since birth . Day after Christmas is Steve's birthday I make him a cake and we hang out or do whatever he wants to do , we'll be going on a date night sometime after Christmas since my parents are on vacation, we also have Grace Getchencords 1st birthday to go to she is the daughter of my best friend Misty ,January we have Shaylee's 3 year checkup and Cassie's 2 month checkup . Shaylee will be 3 on the 17th and we will be having a small party for her Tinkerbell themed. her 3 year pictures are on the 19th I am hoping to get maybe 1-2 with Cassie as well. So these next 2 months will go fast I am sure we will have more things come up to do during the next few months but those are the things I know we have going on.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Life in general

Steve is still looking for a job no luck at all I can't even find anything really even though I don't plan on going back till January if I can find something but we agreed that I would have better luck finding something than he would since I have had more jobs than him . He only knows factory work . He doesn't mind being a stay at home dad if need be as long as the girls are taken care of by one of us.
I hate being on WIC, Medicaid and Foodstamps but in all honesty we need to be to provide for the girls and until we get jobs we will have to be on those programs.
We are still spending money on Christmas for the girls mainly Shaylee since she is the one who is older and knows what is going on. Plus her birthday since it's only about 3 weeks after Christmas. Not going overboard because we dont have much money but we want her to get gifts that she wants .
We also decided that Cassie will be our last for many reasons . Main reason is we feel EXTREMELY blessed to have the 2 girls we have since I have lost 3 babies and we don't want to go through that pain again. Also for health reasons . We are complete with 2 beautiful girls . LOL I don't think Steve could handle any more girls in the house !! We will just settle on more pets in the future !!!!!!!

Random pictures

It's Brobee from Shay's favorite show Yo Gabba Gabba . She's getting to be a AWESOME artist !

Cassie's first month and Thanksgiving

Cassie turn a month old the 24th of Nov. she was unable to get her checkup because her insurance hadn't gone through yet so we had to wait till the 3rd of Dec.
She is now 12 lbs 4 oz not sure of the height since the nurse was rude and didn't want to measure her correctly after first measuring her at only 21 inches ( Cassie was 22 1/2 inches at birth so how could she have shrunk !? She got all huffy and told me that she would just put down she was 22 1/2 since that's what she was at birth . I figured she was already being rude I wasn't going to ask her again to measure her because I KNOW Cassie is longer than 22 1/2 now . Other than that she is perfect .

Thanksgiving so good started out like any other holiday till the end of the time we were thier . My sister who is 16 decided to be a pain in the A** and start to complain about everything mostly about the girls and how they needed to leave and never come back . Cussing even about how much she hated them . I was VERY close to b*tch slapping her really and those that know me know it takes ALOT to make me want to hurt someone. My sister just has been acting terrible since Cassie was born . I don't care if she thinks that they are taking away attention from her that does NOT give her the right to act and treat my girls my LITTLE girls the way she does. The thing is Shaylee LOVES her Auntie Logan to death and she doens't understand that Logan hates her Shaylee just thinks she is playing around.

Christmas hopefully will be better maybe since it will be at our house this year Logan might be more behaved ??? who knows I can only pray she is better than what she was at Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

1 month old !

Cassie is a month today !!!!

We got all the way to the doctors office and found out that our appointment was canceled so we are rescheduled for Dec. 3 .

Cassie at 2 weeks was 10 lbs 5 oz and 23 inches. She lost 3 oz from birth to 2 weeks.

In the last 4 weeks she has already changed so much ! Holding up her head looking around more and more, smiling, making coo's and other cute baby noises, almost rolling over ! Sleeping 4-6 hour stretches between feedings , we did have to switch formula since she was fussy and spitting up alot before we switched after switching we have had no problems. She HATES tummy time, isn't sure about baths , LOVES to be held and loves to watch her big sister Shaylee play .

I can't even express how much I love being a mom of two girls !! I can't wait till they can interact more with each other and become best friends .

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cassie Lynn was born Oct. 24 @ 8:10 pm weighing 10 lbs 8 0z and 22 1/2 inches after only being in labor for 12 hours .

Life is going very well adjusting smoothly , Shaylee is doing very well with her baby sister helping as much as she can . It's wonderful being a mommy of 2 . I can't wait for the months to go by so that the girls can interact more and more .

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Things just keep going bad for us

Oh I just don't know how to go on right now I know I have to for Shaylee and Cassie but it's SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hard !!
We did get WIC so that's a plus , trying to get Medicaid since he lost his insurance, FINALLY got unmeployement approved after 5 weeks and 2 checks were sent out on the 8th but because of the holiday mail is behind and of course that made us late with rent which our landlord of only just over a month isn't happy with us and was going to evict us on Monday if we didn't have the money but LUCKILY we found out that the unemployement went through so we told him we were just waiting for them in the mail and then of course they didn't come today so now we have to wait till Monday to see if they come . We told him as soon as we found that they didn't come in the mail that they didn't come but we have PROOF that it was paid out to hubby and they are coming . If he is cold hearted we are afraid he will evict us on Monday for making him wait like we are leading him on but we have PROOF that we have the money coming. We wold have NO WHERE to go since my parents house they aready have grandma living with them in that small house so another 4 people living thier would be hell since it's not even big enough for the 4 already living in that house. His family we have nothing to with them since they threatened us and stalked me a few years back. UGH !!!!!!!!!!! Can't eat can't sleep worrying so much praying so much but nothing working out for us !!!!!!!!!!! If only those stupid checks would have been sent out BEFORE the holiday !! We would have been FINE. THis is NOT how I pictured us spending our last few months just being a family of 3 at all. Please pray for my family we need ALL the prayers we can !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We are tyring to do our best to stay together and stay afloat but it's not going so great .

Hard times

This is REALLY hard to talk about but it also helps me feel better when I vent .
3 months ago my hubby started only working 2 hours a day it was temporary he said . Weeks went by and still working 2 hours a day . Also at that time we were looking for a house to rent actually BEFORE his hours got cut . We continued looking just because if we stayed were we were the rent would go up to over $1,000 a month !!!! We decided to look to find a bigger cheaper place . That was stressful enough looking and finding houses that were just the right size but still to much a month or finding them were we could afford it but it wasn't big enough. We FINALLY found a duplex big enough and just alittle over our budget but we were able to get rid of our storage to get that extra money to help pay that extra money needed for rent. We moved in July 18th . We ended up having to borrow money from my parents to help get the deposit paid and we still wasn't able to afford the rent for the last month at the apartment. We needed to move though . Somehow we made it by after we moved we made $600 at the yard sale we had so that helped ALOT for the time . We didn't have to pay back my parents till after we get our taxes back in 2010. Hubby still wasn't working full time after a 2 months . Things just kept getting tighter and tighter . We had to go to court for the rent from the apartment and we have made a payment plan ever AFTER I TRIED giving them a partial payment right before we moved but wouldn't take it since they needed it in full . Luckily we are debt free with NO credit cards even though CC's would have helped get rent paid ! We had had the major bills to take care of (phone, insurance, electric, cable, and groceries it adds up fast and the money we had went )I kept asking him when are they going back to full time he kept saying they won't tell us. I am pregnant and between beign pregnant, taking care of our 2.5 year old and settling in our new house I was getting stressed more and more . Hubby finally started looking for new jobs incase , filing for unemployement but nothing about his current job. My parents have been on us about what's going on and I just hate talking to them about it just like I haven't talked to anyone much about it , I don't want people looking down on us we ARE trying to make by and provide for our family.
Yesterday was the day I learned the truth . 3 weeks ago right before the factory he works for goes back to full time he gets fired (he wont tell me the reason he just told me that he got caught at the wrong place at the wrong time ) at this point I dont' care HOW he got fired I am just relived to know the truth . He was crying the most I have EVER seen him cry telling me he's sorry that he didn't tell me when he got fired he didn't want me to worry even more since I am so far along in my pregnancy. Which I understand I really do like I said I actually don't care so much he got fired even though it's worse than being laid off I now know the truth of what's going on. The thing that's worryng me the most is that our health benefits are gone . I am worried they will turn me away for the rest of my prenatal visits since we have no insurance and I haven't been able to look into other health insurance else where which I wish he would have told me he got fired sooner so we could have been filing sooner for what we need. I just eariler today made a appointment with WIC since we are GOING to be needing help with formula when the baby is born. I am looking into Medicaid but can't seem to find out alot of info on it so I am having to just go to the local Medicaid office which I have no idea where it is .
Hubby has been looking for about a month or alittle over for a new job and he hasn't had any call backs but one and that one didn't turn out to be somehting he was quilfied for. Unemployement is still pending since they are 4 weeks behind which we dont' even know if it will be approved since he was fired but he said it was a unfair firing and that he had to list it on the application to why he got fired so he thinks we should be approved $350 they told him if it's approved a month that would help ALOT. If WIC goes through that will help, we talked to our landlord and he is letting us pay what we can till we get more money coming in.
I am going back to work as well after the baby is born after a few months if my old job will take me back I quit without telling them and never went back . They are pretty much one of the VERY few hiring still in our town . THey make decent money. Hubby will NEVER find a job that paid as well as his old job ($25) he is looking for anything over $10 but that's hard to find as well. It will be VERY rough and hard for awhile and hubby thinks I am going to leave him but how can I ???????? YES he lied but for my health really he knows how stressed I get without being prego . He feels terrible he feels worthless and that everyone especially my parents will hate him and try to get me to leave him . He is the best hubby and the best daddy he really is . He is doing all he can right now to provide for us . After being fired he would get up in the mornings and act like he was going to work and drive around trying to figure out HOW to provide for us and trying to find a job for 2 hours . I can't believe he did that I feel bad that he felt that he couldn't tell me . Honestly I feel less stressed knowing the truth about his job than before so it actually helped . We are both making plans for the future doing what we have to provide for our girls . I hate haivng to apply for WIC but we have no choice right now till we both start working we have NO INCOME at all . We are shoppping as cheap as we can which really we always tried to that anyway even when he was working full time we would shop at ALdi's and Walmart to save money now it's just going to be more of trying to save as much money as we can.
THanks for listening , it helped to vent even though I really don't like having everyone know our sitution , I also know that we are not alone ALOT of people are struggling so much right now for different reasons and it sucks that this country has so many struggling families it shouldn't be like this be should be able to live comfortably without having to worry about how they are going to afford this and that . I pray for my family and so many other families in this country.

Monday, July 13, 2009

YAY found a house !!

Friday July 17th we will be getting the keys to our new place !!
It's actually a duplex but around 1500 sq ft ! 3 bedrooms 2.5 baths 2 car garage !
SO excited we have been busy getting boxes and packing what we can that we don't need/use right now and cleaning so we can be ready to move in the last week of July ! With being 7 months prego and also trying to entertain a 2.5 year old it's a little harder than what it should be but we are just taking our time but yet being sure not to slack to much ! Thank goodness for DVD"s and naps !
I will post pictures when I can.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Shaylee and my pregnancy

I am sooooooooo proud of Shaylee so far she is getting to realize mama has a baby (she calls her Octopus ) she kisses my belly , she tells us she wants to hold her baby sister , she tells us that she wants to go to the doctors to go get her baby sister!
We do have the occasional fits where she will NOT listen to us at all and we think she is also realizing that things are going to change. We already talked about trying to go to her favorite place Indiana Beach before Oct. if we get the chance since we have soooooo much going on right now. I want her know that we still love her very much and even though things will change it will be all worth it ! She will have a sister to grow up with !

We are also moving in the next month and I am wondering how that will go .......who will go through it better the cat or Shaylee !!??

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mulberry house

OMG we went to see a house in Mulberry and it was cheap but big (supposedly 5 months ago remodeled ) but it was CRAP ! The second story windows were all boarded up since thier was no glass in any of them ! They had window a/c NOT central air like he told us. It was just a waste of time . We looked though it could have been the one we are looking for !

We heard back from one duplex that we got approved but we really dont have the deposit yet plus we didn't really like the layout as well as the 1st one we looked at . We have yet to hear from the 1st house which is 1450 sq ft move in ready and such a good layout . We called the 1st house and left a message telling them that we need to find out soon since we really dont have that much time before we have to get out of the apartment.
That is what's worrying us the most . If by chance we can not get a place before Aug. we have to start paying the apartment month to month and the rent will be close to $1,000 !!!!!! That's $250 MORE than what we pay now and the houses that we are trying to get our also about $800 a month. UGH it's just stressing me out !!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy annivarsary to us !

LOL it's our 7 year wedding annivarsary and we forgot till about a few hours ago ! We have just been soooooooo wrapped up in trying to find a house and getting ready for the baby it slipped both our minds ! We have also been together for 10 years today as well !

Saturday, June 27, 2009


We went to see one of the duplex's today for rent and we really liked it , it would fit all of our furniture, nice size rooms, 2.5 baths, garage and storage for things. The only bad thing we can find about it is that it is alittle high on our budget but hubby is really thinking about it since he keeps saying he likes it so I know he's thinking about paying the higher price or asking them to come down in price. They WILL work with us on the deposit so that's awesome !
We found out one of the houses we were suppose to look at is off the rent market .
Tomorrow we go see another duplex that is even bigger than the one we saw today and cheaper but still alittle high on our budget and they will NOT work with us on the deposit so we need to really take that into consideration after we look at it.
Then we see one on Monday that's cheap but not so sure about really. ........
Getting the application in for the 1st one tomorrow just so we can atleast have the application in then go from thier we don't have to take it if the application is approved. I am just sooooooo afraid that we will like either all 3 and have to make a quick decision or we won't like the 2 left to look at and then we won't get the one today we saw. ......... trying so hard not to get bad thoughts trying to stay positive !!

Monday, June 22, 2009


With everything going on I am trying to stay as healthy and stress free as I can . I have my moments ! I try and eat whenever I am hungry but sometimes nothing sounds good enough ! I am worried I am not gaining enough ( I lost 10 lbs at the beginning and has just gained all of it back my last appointment May 26th. ) then sometimes I feel like I am eating too much ....... I Cassie move soooooooo much now . It's great but Steve and Shaylee are unable to ever feel her since she stops moving when they put their hands on my belly ! Cassie LOVES it and gets super active when we are with my sister for some reason ! I think it's the music Logan listens to !! LOL I am getting to the point where I can't bend down very well, my back hurts more and I can't sleep the way I would like but it's all worth it !

House hunting continued !

Okay so we talked about and called 2 places back they are both duplexs . Both are what we are looking for but both are too alittle to high so I called them to see if they would knock the price down to where we would be more comfortable . Haven't heard back from either yet........ stupid phone tag ! Steve talked me into looking into a house in Mulberry so we went to go drive by it and it is HUGE but not sure if I like that it is right on the road......... we went ahead and made an appointment to look at it Monday . I also looked into another duplex that is 2 story's and just as big as the house we used to own , we are going to see if we can see that one inside as well since it's cheaper than the others and the same size.
We need to hurry though we only have about 2-3 weeks to find one and about 4-5 weeks before we move !

2nd week of swim lessons

Last week was only a 3 day week for lessons since she threw a fit on Wed. the entire time , I thought it was due to being tired since the swim lesson is right in the middle of what should be nap time on a average day. Went home she was grumpy fighting sleep , and started getting running poops more than once (she usually only poops once a day so we know more than once usually means she doesn't feel well) we skipped lessons on Thurs, she went to my parents Thursday since we had to look at a house and she did fine over thier . Friday she was grumpy still , runny poops continued and still not sleeping well so we again skipped lessons but we took her with us later that day to look at a few houses later in the day. Saturday she was doing alittle better , Sunday we thought okay we should be good to go back to lessons. WRONG !!!!
Today we get all ready to go to lessons she's all excited we get thier and get in the pool and she FREAKS out on me screaming not to let her go and choking me since she's holding me so tight. I have NO idea what happened she LOVES water I don't know what it could be???????? We are going to go swim at my parents house tomorrow or Wed and see what happens then . Hopefully it just has something to do with the swim lessons pool ...................................

Friday, June 19, 2009

Swim Lessons

Swim lessons started at the beginning of the week and she LOVED them . She is our water baby as it is anyway , she LOVES playing in the sink, tub, her water table anything with water! This is her 2nd year of lessons. She did well the first few days till Wed. she threw a absolute fit in the pool not wanting to get in not wanting to kick nothing. I think it mainly because the lessons are right in the middle of what is usually her nap time so she I think is just getting worn out . We skipped going Thurs. as well because she also has been getting the poops alot the last couple of days so I don't want her in the pool plus we had to go look at a house but she went to my parents. She is still pooping more than usual so we didn't go to lessons today . Luckily we have ALL of next week to go and we aren't really out of that money . We have so much going on today with looking at 2 houses and shopping that we are just staying home in the morning and afternoon then go to the house appointments and then I will go shopping alone later so she can go home and rest. Then tomorrow we have another house to look at in the morning then have the afternoon to relax again.
Shaylee doesn't throw fits in the car but you can tell she gets tired of being in the car alot so we try not to take breaks from going looking for houses here and there.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

House Hunting

As our journey to finding another house we have seen 3 so far that we have actually looked inside .
1st one - great location
little yard
SMALL living room
DEATH stairs (steep and scary )
and a bath room that had a shower/bath that was 3 feet up yes you would have to have a step stool to get in out of !

2nd one-
high end of our budget
TRASHED so alot of work to be done to it
HUGE yard which Steve didn't want
decent location

3rd one -
PERFECT !!!!!!!!
2100 sq ft
PLENTY of storage and room
CHEAP for the size of the house
just PERFECT what we were looking for
We filled out a application and turned it in and found out a week later that it was rented to the people that first saw it a HOUR before we saw it ! They felt bad telling us since they liked us alot and thought we would be great renters but first come first get .

4th one -
smaller than what we would need
cheaper end of budget
Would not be able to use our dining room table
would have to pay $100 for our cat and we currently pay $20 for her

We are looking at 3 other houses over the weekend.
1 we drove by it's ok from the outside
not the best addition but in the area we want
4 bedrooms (we need 3)
low on our budget
it looks like it has NO C/A which is BAD so we will see Saturday when we actually go look inside it.
The other 2 our in the addition that the house we almost got is in so we know we like the area . They look nice on the outside if they are HUGE like the one we almost got and as cheap then we will fill out application for sure on those !

We also drove by a area that isn't where we really want but the duplexs are big and nice and found 7 for rent I called 2 so far and they are both 3 bedrooms but WAY over our budget so we'll see about the others.

Shaylee is having a hard time with driving around and being in the van so much that we have been taking her over to my parents so that she wouldn't have to go everytime and that seems to help out .

We praying that everything will turn out , with his job (his hours have been cut so hopefully they will start working more soon) and moving . We really NEED a bigger place the apartment is 1000 sq ft and only 2 bedrooms . We hate it we need out ! I have actually filled out applications to part time jobs to help out even though I REALLY dont' want to go back to work but it would be temporary just till he gets back to working full time . Plus it would be in the evening so Steve would be home with Shaylee.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Shaylee's 1st trip to Indiana Beach pic heavy !

June 2 I was having a hard stressful day (finding a house, steve's job and etc. ) Steve had me fix lunch and then he had me get a diaper bag ready for a road trip . We ended up at Indiana Beach ! I grew up going up thier every summer ! It as great . Shaylee LOVED it walking around watching everything and riding the Kiddie Rides (her favorites -Convoy , Boats, Cars, Whale, Firetruck HATED - Mini Pirate Ship, Whale the second time around for some reason , and the mini scrambler) she did so great though walked with with her monkey harness on , didn't throw a fit when we had to leave, she even got her first Elephant Ear ! It was soooooooo much fun . The smile on her face was priceless she was so excited and having a great time. She slept wonderful that night as well ! We stayed about 4 hours . We hope to go a few times if not more during the summer .

Saturday, June 6, 2009

LOL well we found another house we LOVE better !

So we decided since we are waiting to hear back from the first house about our application we would still look around at houses to see what we could find . Wouldn't you know we found one on Craigslist and it was EVERYTHING we are looking (area, price, size EVERYTHING we want !) we called about it and made an appointment to see it earlier today . OMG it is WONDERFUL !!!!!!!!!!! 2100 sq ft, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, eat in kitchen , dining room, bonus room , 2 car garage, PLENTY of storage , nice sized laundry room just AWESOME ! The price is WAY lower than what it should be because the guy just wants enough money to pay the morgage which is AWESOME so it's is a STEAL for what it is ! We are saving a good $ 500-$600 if we get this house !!!! We put in our application for it and hoping it goes through and that we will get a call next week saying it's ours if we still want it !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then we can FINALLY breathe a sigh of relief and start preparing to pack and move in Aug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY !!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

UGH why does this happen!

Figures we went to look at the house and I LOVE that it's HUGE ! so much room for our growing family . We filled out the application for it and won't hear back till Monday . Well Steve all up and keeps finding silly reasons NOT to rent it now. To much yard to mow (about 3 acres) with only a push mower, not easily able to baby proof ( umm yes it can be baby proofed it just might be alittle harder to figure out how to baby proof than what we are used to ) , etc. etc.

We decided we would look around this weekend to find other rentals (not that we can actually look in them this weekend so that doesn't help at all ! Then on Monday if we are approved I see why not see if they would consider knocking the price down more (they knocked it down from $875 to $850 since it was TRASHED by the current people living thier so they will have to take 2 weeks to clean and get it ready to be moved into ) Steve thinks since we have to mow it ourselves they should knock down the price atleast to $800 if not $750.

I am sooooooooo afraid if we pass this house up we won't find another house we like and everything by August and then we will have to sign another lease for this damn apartment we can't stand to be in anymore.
I know I would be happy in that house it's big , it's in a good area I think we could be in it for awhile if Steve would just stop making excuses not to like it !
I do agree with him on the price though if they go down atleast to $800 that would be more comfortable for us .

Rental House

So we have been looking off and on for a rental house for about a good 6 months just to see what was around and everything.
We just really started looking to find one just this last 2 weeks. We found one that was what we were looking for and our budget and we made an appointment to look at it and OMG was it TRASH which bummed us out . So we continued our looking we have found many that we like but they want to rent them out before Aug.
We have found just driving around does better than the newspaper.
We found a 3 bedroom , 1.5 bath , living room ,dining room, kitchen , bonus room, screened in patio and a garage. In the area we want, but a Little higher than what we would like to pay but since it's big we could have storage area so we can get rid of the storage unit so we would save money that way to use for the rent.
We go to look at today at 4pm ! I am not getting my hopes up since it's only the 2nd house we have really looked at so we will see. Wish us luck !

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Getting ready to move

The fun of getting ready to move ! We are planning to move the 2nd weekend of July during hubby's 2 week vacation. We are moving a month early since we can't STAND it at the apartment anymore (2 small , neighbors suck and just want out of town !!) . I have started to pack up our DVD"s and Cd's that we don't watch or listen to so those can be already packed and ready to go . The closer it gets to moving the more packing of things we don't use much will get done. My main thing is that once we find out the sex of Baby Octopus (Gummy Bear got bumped since we think it's cute that Shaylee calls the baby Octopus ) I will go through ALL 10 HUGE containers of Shaylee's baby clothes and if we are having a boy pick out the unisex clothes and get those out and in a separate container for when the baby is born and if it's a girl pick out all the small sizes we need right away when the baby is born. We'll probably save all the girls clothes even if we are having a boy because we are thinking we MIGHT have 1 more baby after 1-2 years..... we will see but I don't want to get rid of them till we know 100% we are not having anymore kids ! We also will have to trade in or sale some baby gear if we have a boy since some of the gear is pink ! Mainly the car seat ( only if I can't get a replacement cover in neutral colors) and the stroller the rest can still be used for either sex.

We are have found around 10 rentals we like but most are wanting a June 1st move in date BUT the good thing is that the people renting it have will also have July openings!!
We want in the TSC (Tippecanoe School Corp. ) and we have found more rentals on the south side than on the east side which is fine as long as it's what we are looking for and in the TSC area. I am sooooooooooo ready to move ..

Monday, May 11, 2009

Wondering ..

I sit here wondering what this new baby Gummy Bear is going to be like . Our they going to have my personality that Shaylee also has ?? Our they going to be quiet and easily grumpy like Steve but also have a soft side ??
Shaylee takes after both of us in many ways . She has her daddy's beautiful eyes, monkey toes, wide feet, curly hair and tallness. She has my hair color, my attitude, my silliness, my sweetness, my kindness.
Will Shaylee and Gummy Bear look like each other like my sister and I do ??? Will they look completely opposite??

All I know right now is Gummy Bear is active in my belly just like Shaylee was . I can't wait to meet Gummy Bear and find out what they look like and what kind of little person she will be and become.

October seems sooooooooooo far away ........... I have plenty of things to keep my mind off of how long it seems .

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Not so fun time last night

Every Wednesday we go to my parents house for dinner so that Shaylee can go play and see my parents.
She gets up at 7am which is odd for her even though she does have sleep issues she rarely ever gets up before 8:30am . She slept through the night which she has gotten better at as well . She doesn't eat her favorite breakfast she asks for (fresh strawberries) she just drinks milk and just is quiet for the morning . I thought nothing of it.
Nap time she goes into her room for a nap and I go about getting some things done so I really don't know what time she fell asleep which she naps for 2 hours daily when she naps. She woke around 2pm so I figured she fell asleep around noon which was only about 15 minutes after I put her into her room. Well she was super whinny thought maybe she didn't get 2 hours of sleep like normal. Went about getting ready for my parents.
We get to my parents around 4pm and she doesn't get all excited like normal she barely cares we are at grandma's she just goes inside and goes to the couch and lays down. I told them it's just because she is still tired. Come dinner time she is still laying on the couch and she says she wants to eat but doesn't touch anything not even her fruit and cheese which she LOVES. We let her go lay down and then after I get done eating I go check on her and to change her . She is BURNING up . I cut my trip short go home and find that she has a 102 fever we rush her to the Urgent Care and they ask as questions and do a strep test after finding her throat is red and inflamed. Sends us home . I had no time to ask about if we should worry about the Swine Flu since we had been to the park over the weekend.
This morning I call and find she is negative for strep and just return if in the next few days her symptoms worsen .
She woke up at 8:30 and had no fever thankfully and is acting more herself all but eating . She is napping now and I want her to get as much sleep as she can so she can sleep past 2 hours if she wants.

Fun activity for pregnant ladies !

I got this out of my new book Postcards from the Bump.
Once you know your due date count out jelly beans or other candiesfor each day until your due date and put them in a container . Each day take one and watch the candy dwindle and your belly get bigger !! You can include your husband and or other kids as well just add enough from them as well !

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Finding out the sex

We had my monthly appointment yesterday and everything is perfect as can be the heartbeat is 155 .The baby is a wiggle worm because the doctor would find the HB then the baby would move within seconds and then he would have to find the HB again!! I have gained 2 pounds out of the 10 I lost during my time on progesterone. I want to work on gaining those pounds back on . I have no problem with gaining weight since it's for a good cause !! I gained 27 lbs with Shaylee altogether so I am going to try and do the same with this one. I can't wait till I start really showing ........ I am now just flabby but I am starting to get harder so hopefully soon !!!! I didn't show till late with Shaylee .

We find out the sex on May 26th !!!!!!!!!!!! Steve says BOY Shaylee says Octopus (she calls the baby that because when we showed her the ultrasound from 9 weeks she called it a Octopus !!
I am still unsure what this gummy bear is ............ not sure what sex I even want really since I have my girl .

Side note I am praying for ALL the families in ALL the states that have had cases of Swine Flu. I have very close friends in Texas (Misty , Marc and their little girl) it's VERY scary and I am a natural worrier as it is that this is getting me scared! We are limiting our outings and making sure we wash our hands as much as possible. Hopefully this all will pass and we can all move on with our lives and not be so paranoid over these scares. It makes you really wonder though.......... was this caused by illegal immigrates??

Monday, April 20, 2009

Random stuff yet again .... I love being random!

I am just over 14 weeks and my feet have already started swelling when I get hot ! I didnt get that way with Shaylee till I was about 30 weeks !!! Terrible but they do say every pregnancy is different and yes so far everything IS different but I still crave Mexican spicy food like I did with Shaylee !

Shaylee has found to new foods she can't get enough of raisins and strawberries !!!!!!! I love that she is liking healthy foods.
Usually she can't get enough of cheese, yogurt, chicken and bananas Oh and mashed potatoes ! She is picky when it comes to other foods !

Krispy Kreme is closing I worked there from 2004 to about 2006 I think!! I don't remember how long really !! I know it was after I got married and before I got pregnant with Shaylee !!

Reading the last book of the Twilight saga and about half through it since I can't read till before bed.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Gender Predictors

LOL those are such a joke !!!!!
I took like a ton of them for Shaylee and they always said boy and now I have taken a few and they say this baby will be a boy as well.
Well see time will tell (8 weeks or so till we find out the sex). Not sure which sex I want . We have a set boys name and a somewhat girls name ( I LOVE it Steve isn't sure ). If you want to know the names you have to ask me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Just random stuff

My sister who is going to be 16 got me hooked on this YouTube video Twitter Ruined My Life it's hilarious ! I watch it all the time. Might not be suitable for those you don't like bad language.

I also got a letter letting me know that my new OBGYN that I have only had just a few short months is CLOSING his practice !!!!!!! My original OBGYN also closed his practice back n Dec. so I had to go to my recent one and now he's leaving WTH !!???? So they are having all patients of my OBGYN not get a new set OBGYN we will all be seeing a DIFFERENT OBGYN each time we have an appointment !!!!!! That's crazy I was soooooooo mad I was crying I always get screwed when it comes to doctors I like my old one I had him since 2006 he delivered my daughter and he cared for me when I had my miscarriages. I also like my current one that is leaving he seems like he is really good but hey he's leaving....... stupid doctors.

Steve (hubby) starts his half day Fridays today and we were at the park for about 2 hours before we realized that we should go since it was very sunny and we didn't have any sunscreen for Shaylee who is VERY fair skinned just like mama. We need to also get her a new sun hat since we spend ALOT of time outside during warm weather.

Road construction is right by where we live and it is causing people to cut through and be idiots while cutting through they speed through here like it's the Indy 500 ! HELLO kids outside playing !! SLOW DOWN ....... I am surprised nobody has gotten hit yet.

I hate living in town . Here in the next month we are going to take a weekend and drive around and look for houses outside the city !!!!!!! I am just not a city girl never have been never will be.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Saturday (we had our early)

With all of us being so busy we decided that Saturday we would have our Easter. Since Shay is still young it didn't matter that the Easter Bunny left her a basket a day early ! She got some hair clips, stickers, tattoos (temporary ones !), a few books, a Tinkerbell doll , bath toys, coloring books and a few pieces of candy . We had a nice brunch before heading over to my parents house , I fixed french toast and Cinnamon rolls I had strawberry 's but I forgot about them till we got home later that night !

No dress this year because it was chilly and we played outside 80 % of the day so we just did play clothes which was fine with me she'll have PLENTY of times to wear dresses.

She LOVED doing egg hunts which she got MORE stickers, MORE tattoos, and money for her piggy bank (about $5 in quarters give or take) not sure what we are saving to get her but we won't spend it till we get alot more saved in her bank !

We didn't get alot of pictures just because we were to busy playing to really stop and get pictures but I did get some good ones. At least I like them !
We had a nice meal baked ham and turkey sandwich's with all the fixings (lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, jalapenos, onions, mustard, everything you could think of to put on a sandwich!) , baked beans, potatoes salad, pasta salad, chips, dip , key lime pie, banana pudding , peanut butter eggs, (ALL desserts made from scratch !) With being pregnant I ate ALOT !!!! Shaylee did good at eating as well which is usually a hard task since she is picky but we just melted cheese on the turkey and she ate a half of sandwich, and a few chips , she used to like my pasta salad I make but she didn't want it for some reason.
Today we are just staying home and relaxing since we played alot yesterday it wore me out but it was so much fun !

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Going off progesterone

As of Friday I will be 13 weeks YAY !!! I will be offically DONE with my progesterone. I am excited and alittle nervous for which I pray that my levels will stay stable and I can go on to finish my rest of my pregnancy with no problems. Keep us in your prayers!

I am thinking that my family won't throw me another shower since they all don't believe in more than one shower. I am just worried that if I have a boy we will have to get ALOT of new things speaking that ALOT of baby gear and clothes are GIRLS colors!!!!!!! That's going to be a weekend full going through all 8 HUGE containers of Shaylee's clothes and pick out all the things the new baby can wear. I have saved ALL Shaylee's clothes from the time she was born. I can't help it . I will probably keep the most special clothes items if this baby is a boy and trade in the other clothes to get boy stuff.

Don't ask me about what I want ................... I have NO CLUE !

A boy because we have more girls than boys in our family and I know Steve wants a boy .
A girl since Shaylee is a girl .
A girl because we have more girl stuff
A girl becasue we have a girl already and we know what to expect
A boy so I can one of each sex
A boy because we can't pick out a girls name we both can agree on

Hell I don't know I am just blessed and happy that this baby is sticking and healthy so far !!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Doctors appointment

Baby Gummy Bear (looks like one right now !) @ 9 weeks !!! Healthy as can be !

As of today I am 12 weeks ! YAY I have made it this far and I am VERY BLESSED and relived !

My last appointment got to hear the heartbeat which was STRONG and so beautiful . Everything still sounds and looks perfect.

I am starting to show but I do not have any good belly pictures yet.

A week from today I can get off my progesterone since my levels are where they are suppose to be and so I can stop taking them. YAY thank goodness they make me double sick ! I haven't really been able to enjoy this pregnancy completely yet .

We got a book of stages the baby will go through and Shaylee says that the baby looks like a octopus right now !! LOL how cute !

Also we are enrolled to take a class in Sept to prepare Shaylee for the new baby . It will be at the hospital and she will get to see the room I will be in and the nursery and we will get other tips and other info to get her adjusted to the new baby.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Blogging again

Okay this time I wrote down my passwords !! So now I have 3 yes 3 blogs !! so I will somewhat update /refresh you on the 2 from before.

I am a coupon clipping mama that LOVES bargins and sales ! I know how to save my family money . I shop in bulk , shop at Aldi's for can and box goods , etc. I cook at home as much as I can . Since prego I tend to not want to cook most nights and I have to force myself to then sometimes I just beg to just go out . I hope that changes I LOVE to cook ! It saves money !!

I have had 3 miscarraiges since 2006 . One before my 2 year old daughter at 5 weeks (Shaylee was concieved a month later and I went on to have an AWESOME pregnancy with her) then in early 2008 I had another at 12 weeks (the baby died at 6 weeks) then went on to have my last miscarriage in mid 2008 at 7 and a half weeks . So I tend to lose babies before 8 weeks.
Did all kinds of tests to figure out why so many. All came negative so then it was all about progesterone. They advised me that once we were ready to TTC and I got pregnant again to call ASAP and get on progesterone . 2 days before Valentines day 2009 I found out I was pregnant again ! I got on progesterone ASAP (3 weeks) and I am currently 11 weeks 3 days pregnant !!!! I HATE the feeling I feel on progesterone since it makes me double sick but I am truley grateful for the medication that keeps me pregnant ! I have till 14 weeks then I get to get off the med.

Wow this is just going to be ALOT of random stuff but that's how I roll I am TOTALLY random all the time !

We owned a house in 2001 lost it back in 2006 I was 6 months pregnant and now we have lived in a 2 bedroom apartment since . We FINALLY have enough money to move this summer I am so excited and happy.

Having a 2 year old is so many emotions ! Exciting , rollercoaster, exhausting, so many others . I can't believe my baby is 2 !!! She is the smartest 2 year old out thier I swear ! She even got into preschool early !! Instead of waiting till she is 3 they evuated her and want her to start in August !! They say she is smarter than half of thier 3 year olds !! YAY Shaylee !!!!!!
I have to admit I have something to do with how smart she is !! I talk to her all the time show her things , teach her things, she's awesome !

She has MAJOR sleep problems though that's her flaw her only flaw so far. She goes 2 weeks with sleeping perfectly then goes 2 weeks with waking up during the night . She has had the smae bedtime routine since forever so I have no idea why she is like this. I have learned to deal with it but it's hard being pregnant since I have to get up with her during the week since hubby works early and sleeps like the dead but on the weekend he steps up and gets up with her and has daddy baby time. I guess she isn't a baby anymore !!

Potty training WOW now that's a story ! 18 months we bought a potty she was all about it till 21 months when she started getting afraid of it . Now we are 26 months and she is getting into it again . She LOVES to go potty with us . She will sit on her potty diaper on and actually go potty on the potty now if we could get her to do that with no diaper that would be awesome.

I used to work from home and spent more money trying to keep it going than anything so I stopped and we actually SAVE money now with me jsut staying home !! LOL how crazy is that !!!??

Shaylee has so much stuff planned for the year !!! Swim lessons (2 year !!!!) she does great at swimming , moving, preschool , new baby, gymnastics soon after she turns 3.
I want her to be able to do things that I didn't . Okay I got to go to summer camp and some other stuff but I never got to do girlsscouts or anything like that.

I have to take a break from writing for now.