My Family

My Family

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Things just keep going bad for us

Oh I just don't know how to go on right now I know I have to for Shaylee and Cassie but it's SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hard !!
We did get WIC so that's a plus , trying to get Medicaid since he lost his insurance, FINALLY got unmeployement approved after 5 weeks and 2 checks were sent out on the 8th but because of the holiday mail is behind and of course that made us late with rent which our landlord of only just over a month isn't happy with us and was going to evict us on Monday if we didn't have the money but LUCKILY we found out that the unemployement went through so we told him we were just waiting for them in the mail and then of course they didn't come today so now we have to wait till Monday to see if they come . We told him as soon as we found that they didn't come in the mail that they didn't come but we have PROOF that it was paid out to hubby and they are coming . If he is cold hearted we are afraid he will evict us on Monday for making him wait like we are leading him on but we have PROOF that we have the money coming. We wold have NO WHERE to go since my parents house they aready have grandma living with them in that small house so another 4 people living thier would be hell since it's not even big enough for the 4 already living in that house. His family we have nothing to with them since they threatened us and stalked me a few years back. UGH !!!!!!!!!!! Can't eat can't sleep worrying so much praying so much but nothing working out for us !!!!!!!!!!! If only those stupid checks would have been sent out BEFORE the holiday !! We would have been FINE. THis is NOT how I pictured us spending our last few months just being a family of 3 at all. Please pray for my family we need ALL the prayers we can !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We are tyring to do our best to stay together and stay afloat but it's not going so great .

Hard times

This is REALLY hard to talk about but it also helps me feel better when I vent .
3 months ago my hubby started only working 2 hours a day it was temporary he said . Weeks went by and still working 2 hours a day . Also at that time we were looking for a house to rent actually BEFORE his hours got cut . We continued looking just because if we stayed were we were the rent would go up to over $1,000 a month !!!! We decided to look to find a bigger cheaper place . That was stressful enough looking and finding houses that were just the right size but still to much a month or finding them were we could afford it but it wasn't big enough. We FINALLY found a duplex big enough and just alittle over our budget but we were able to get rid of our storage to get that extra money to help pay that extra money needed for rent. We moved in July 18th . We ended up having to borrow money from my parents to help get the deposit paid and we still wasn't able to afford the rent for the last month at the apartment. We needed to move though . Somehow we made it by after we moved we made $600 at the yard sale we had so that helped ALOT for the time . We didn't have to pay back my parents till after we get our taxes back in 2010. Hubby still wasn't working full time after a 2 months . Things just kept getting tighter and tighter . We had to go to court for the rent from the apartment and we have made a payment plan ever AFTER I TRIED giving them a partial payment right before we moved but wouldn't take it since they needed it in full . Luckily we are debt free with NO credit cards even though CC's would have helped get rent paid ! We had had the major bills to take care of (phone, insurance, electric, cable, and groceries it adds up fast and the money we had went )I kept asking him when are they going back to full time he kept saying they won't tell us. I am pregnant and between beign pregnant, taking care of our 2.5 year old and settling in our new house I was getting stressed more and more . Hubby finally started looking for new jobs incase , filing for unemployement but nothing about his current job. My parents have been on us about what's going on and I just hate talking to them about it just like I haven't talked to anyone much about it , I don't want people looking down on us we ARE trying to make by and provide for our family.
Yesterday was the day I learned the truth . 3 weeks ago right before the factory he works for goes back to full time he gets fired (he wont tell me the reason he just told me that he got caught at the wrong place at the wrong time ) at this point I dont' care HOW he got fired I am just relived to know the truth . He was crying the most I have EVER seen him cry telling me he's sorry that he didn't tell me when he got fired he didn't want me to worry even more since I am so far along in my pregnancy. Which I understand I really do like I said I actually don't care so much he got fired even though it's worse than being laid off I now know the truth of what's going on. The thing that's worryng me the most is that our health benefits are gone . I am worried they will turn me away for the rest of my prenatal visits since we have no insurance and I haven't been able to look into other health insurance else where which I wish he would have told me he got fired sooner so we could have been filing sooner for what we need. I just eariler today made a appointment with WIC since we are GOING to be needing help with formula when the baby is born. I am looking into Medicaid but can't seem to find out alot of info on it so I am having to just go to the local Medicaid office which I have no idea where it is .
Hubby has been looking for about a month or alittle over for a new job and he hasn't had any call backs but one and that one didn't turn out to be somehting he was quilfied for. Unemployement is still pending since they are 4 weeks behind which we dont' even know if it will be approved since he was fired but he said it was a unfair firing and that he had to list it on the application to why he got fired so he thinks we should be approved $350 they told him if it's approved a month that would help ALOT. If WIC goes through that will help, we talked to our landlord and he is letting us pay what we can till we get more money coming in.
I am going back to work as well after the baby is born after a few months if my old job will take me back I quit without telling them and never went back . They are pretty much one of the VERY few hiring still in our town . THey make decent money. Hubby will NEVER find a job that paid as well as his old job ($25) he is looking for anything over $10 but that's hard to find as well. It will be VERY rough and hard for awhile and hubby thinks I am going to leave him but how can I ???????? YES he lied but for my health really he knows how stressed I get without being prego . He feels terrible he feels worthless and that everyone especially my parents will hate him and try to get me to leave him . He is the best hubby and the best daddy he really is . He is doing all he can right now to provide for us . After being fired he would get up in the mornings and act like he was going to work and drive around trying to figure out HOW to provide for us and trying to find a job for 2 hours . I can't believe he did that I feel bad that he felt that he couldn't tell me . Honestly I feel less stressed knowing the truth about his job than before so it actually helped . We are both making plans for the future doing what we have to provide for our girls . I hate haivng to apply for WIC but we have no choice right now till we both start working we have NO INCOME at all . We are shoppping as cheap as we can which really we always tried to that anyway even when he was working full time we would shop at ALdi's and Walmart to save money now it's just going to be more of trying to save as much money as we can.
THanks for listening , it helped to vent even though I really don't like having everyone know our sitution , I also know that we are not alone ALOT of people are struggling so much right now for different reasons and it sucks that this country has so many struggling families it shouldn't be like this be should be able to live comfortably without having to worry about how they are going to afford this and that . I pray for my family and so many other families in this country.