My Family

My Family

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Shaylee will be 3 soon !

WOW I can't believe my little girl is going to be 3 soon !!!! 16 days ! Her first 2 years went so fast ! Where did it go !? She has always been such a smart, happy, energetic little girl . She had her little issues nothing major . She has sleep issues from birth it is going better more and more but still a work in progress. She isn't potty trained yet but shows alot of signs of being ready just hasn't been able to pee pee on the potty yet. I am sitting here trying to type and Shaylee is buggin the living day lights out of me !! Since Cassie was born Shaylee has become WAY needy and I know it's just her way of coping with Cassie by here but it can get overwhelming when she gets in her phase of neediness. I love her she's the funniest , sweetest , prettiest little girl you will ever meet but so stressful at times and I know it will get better as Cassie gets older so that Shaylee and Cassie can interact more and more . Also when she turns 4 she gets to go into preschool which we opted to not to put her in at 3 just because of all the changes we thought it would be best to wait. Then also we would like to put her in gymnastics at 4 as well .

For her birthday we are doing a Tinkerbell theme it went back and forth from Tink to Gabba then settled for Tink since Tink is more of her favorite anyway. We are doing pizza , cheesy bread, chips , pop and cake with just my parents , sister and 2 great grandma's .

2 months with Cassie !

Cassie is 2 months now she is has started smiling alot , trying to sit up believe it or not, making baby noises, chewing her hands , twisting her hands together our evil genius ! She is a little pig she can't make it more than 3 hours to eat and she takes about 4 oz each time . She is starting to teeth which is crazy Shaylee didn't teeth till 9 months and didn't get a tooth in till 11 months !!! She looks more and more like her big sister everyday! Her 2 month check up isn't till Monday but I am guessing she is 14 lbs and about 24-25 inches.
Shaylee is still adjusting . She's been such a hand full since Cassie was born so stressful . Not sleeping at night till about 11pm or later waking up at 7am for the day refuses to take naps which she still needs ! Doesn't listen to us , constantly wants food , constantly wants her baba ( pacifier ) trying to get her away from that damn thing but she is so attached to it more after Cassie was born , trying to potty train her which she shows ALOT of the signs and she tries to potty she just hasn't gotten it yet. I know it's not her fault her life has changed since Cassie was born we have tried to keep as much the same as always.
It's just a progress for all of us.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The week of Christmas

Today was my dad's side of the families Christmas it was like it usually ends up , mom , me , and Steve in the kitchen at the table talking just the 3 of us and everyone else in the living room watching sports and Shaylee running around and Cassie sleeping away .
Tomorrow I have to run to Best Buy because dumb dumb me totally forgot that Steve's birthday is the day after christmas !! How could I forget that after 11 years together !!! Also order his cake I don't have to go out until his birthday to pick it up. Tuesday wrap all gifts , Wednesday is girls day out with my mom and sister we are having lunch and seeing New Moon FINALLY !!! , Thursday make pasta salad and fudge for Friday and CLEAN and go through Shay's toy box and move out some old toys to make room for new toys !

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Potty Training

We have been trying to potty train Shaylee since Thanksgiving . So far nothing exciting has happened. She was told by grandma that she gets a big toy once she goes potty on the potty . We also told her she gets a big toy if she goes on the potty. We sit her on the potty first thing in the morning, she gets all excited and tries so hard but she just farts ! She thinks that's too funny and then she gets upset that she can't pee we just tell her she can try later. She doesn't want to try later so it's mainly a morning thing now. It's a start . We also have been cutting back on milk giving her 1% milk instead of 2% and not letting her have more than 3 sippy cups of it ( the sippy cups are 10 oz) that's still too much according to the doctor but it's better than what we were giving her which was 6-7 sippy cups a day ! She at first HATED it and threw fits but now she is used to it. THen also we are trying to get her off her "baba" ( pacifer) we have to tell her if she doesn't have it all day ( with the exception of nap) she can have dessert as long as she doens't ask for her "baba" and throw fits when we say no "baba". that is going so - so right now. She keeps telling us she is a baby and she needs it she doesn't want to be a big girl. That could be due to Cassie not sure. Shaylee is doing really well with Cassie she loves her so much , tells her she loves her and how cute she is , helps us out as much as she can . The only thing is that since Cassie Shaylee has started to not listen to us and gets into trouble for not listening more than she did before . Her sleeping has gotten about 10 % better she is napping more when we tell her it's nap time and she has been going to at night in her own bed more which is great but she still wakes up early ( 7am ) and screams for me till I come to get her she can't just play in her room till I come and get her around 9am like she used to .


December and January

December and January are really busy for us since we have so much going on from middle of December all the way to the middle of January !
It pretty much starts right now the week before Christmas . I have to start wrapping gifts, go to dad's side of the family get together, do my usual house work and grocery shopping, get the house ready for family since we are hosting Christmas dinner this year since we have a big enough house this year, Christmas Eve is Cassie's 2 month birthday she's getting so big and so much more alert even though she has been pretty alert since birth . Day after Christmas is Steve's birthday I make him a cake and we hang out or do whatever he wants to do , we'll be going on a date night sometime after Christmas since my parents are on vacation, we also have Grace Getchencords 1st birthday to go to she is the daughter of my best friend Misty ,January we have Shaylee's 3 year checkup and Cassie's 2 month checkup . Shaylee will be 3 on the 17th and we will be having a small party for her Tinkerbell themed. her 3 year pictures are on the 19th I am hoping to get maybe 1-2 with Cassie as well. So these next 2 months will go fast I am sure we will have more things come up to do during the next few months but those are the things I know we have going on.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Life in general

Steve is still looking for a job no luck at all I can't even find anything really even though I don't plan on going back till January if I can find something but we agreed that I would have better luck finding something than he would since I have had more jobs than him . He only knows factory work . He doesn't mind being a stay at home dad if need be as long as the girls are taken care of by one of us.
I hate being on WIC, Medicaid and Foodstamps but in all honesty we need to be to provide for the girls and until we get jobs we will have to be on those programs.
We are still spending money on Christmas for the girls mainly Shaylee since she is the one who is older and knows what is going on. Plus her birthday since it's only about 3 weeks after Christmas. Not going overboard because we dont have much money but we want her to get gifts that she wants .
We also decided that Cassie will be our last for many reasons . Main reason is we feel EXTREMELY blessed to have the 2 girls we have since I have lost 3 babies and we don't want to go through that pain again. Also for health reasons . We are complete with 2 beautiful girls . LOL I don't think Steve could handle any more girls in the house !! We will just settle on more pets in the future !!!!!!!

Random pictures

It's Brobee from Shay's favorite show Yo Gabba Gabba . She's getting to be a AWESOME artist !

Cassie's first month and Thanksgiving

Cassie turn a month old the 24th of Nov. she was unable to get her checkup because her insurance hadn't gone through yet so we had to wait till the 3rd of Dec.
She is now 12 lbs 4 oz not sure of the height since the nurse was rude and didn't want to measure her correctly after first measuring her at only 21 inches ( Cassie was 22 1/2 inches at birth so how could she have shrunk !? She got all huffy and told me that she would just put down she was 22 1/2 since that's what she was at birth . I figured she was already being rude I wasn't going to ask her again to measure her because I KNOW Cassie is longer than 22 1/2 now . Other than that she is perfect .

Thanksgiving so good started out like any other holiday till the end of the time we were thier . My sister who is 16 decided to be a pain in the A** and start to complain about everything mostly about the girls and how they needed to leave and never come back . Cussing even about how much she hated them . I was VERY close to b*tch slapping her really and those that know me know it takes ALOT to make me want to hurt someone. My sister just has been acting terrible since Cassie was born . I don't care if she thinks that they are taking away attention from her that does NOT give her the right to act and treat my girls my LITTLE girls the way she does. The thing is Shaylee LOVES her Auntie Logan to death and she doens't understand that Logan hates her Shaylee just thinks she is playing around.

Christmas hopefully will be better maybe since it will be at our house this year Logan might be more behaved ??? who knows I can only pray she is better than what she was at Thanksgiving.