My Family

My Family

Friday, April 17, 2009

Just random stuff

My sister who is going to be 16 got me hooked on this YouTube video Twitter Ruined My Life it's hilarious ! I watch it all the time. Might not be suitable for those you don't like bad language.

I also got a letter letting me know that my new OBGYN that I have only had just a few short months is CLOSING his practice !!!!!!! My original OBGYN also closed his practice back n Dec. so I had to go to my recent one and now he's leaving WTH !!???? So they are having all patients of my OBGYN not get a new set OBGYN we will all be seeing a DIFFERENT OBGYN each time we have an appointment !!!!!! That's crazy I was soooooooo mad I was crying I always get screwed when it comes to doctors I like my old one I had him since 2006 he delivered my daughter and he cared for me when I had my miscarriages. I also like my current one that is leaving he seems like he is really good but hey he's leaving....... stupid doctors.

Steve (hubby) starts his half day Fridays today and we were at the park for about 2 hours before we realized that we should go since it was very sunny and we didn't have any sunscreen for Shaylee who is VERY fair skinned just like mama. We need to also get her a new sun hat since we spend ALOT of time outside during warm weather.

Road construction is right by where we live and it is causing people to cut through and be idiots while cutting through they speed through here like it's the Indy 500 ! HELLO kids outside playing !! SLOW DOWN ....... I am surprised nobody has gotten hit yet.

I hate living in town . Here in the next month we are going to take a weekend and drive around and look for houses outside the city !!!!!!! I am just not a city girl never have been never will be.

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