My Family

My Family

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Getting ready to move

The fun of getting ready to move ! We are planning to move the 2nd weekend of July during hubby's 2 week vacation. We are moving a month early since we can't STAND it at the apartment anymore (2 small , neighbors suck and just want out of town !!) . I have started to pack up our DVD"s and Cd's that we don't watch or listen to so those can be already packed and ready to go . The closer it gets to moving the more packing of things we don't use much will get done. My main thing is that once we find out the sex of Baby Octopus (Gummy Bear got bumped since we think it's cute that Shaylee calls the baby Octopus ) I will go through ALL 10 HUGE containers of Shaylee's baby clothes and if we are having a boy pick out the unisex clothes and get those out and in a separate container for when the baby is born and if it's a girl pick out all the small sizes we need right away when the baby is born. We'll probably save all the girls clothes even if we are having a boy because we are thinking we MIGHT have 1 more baby after 1-2 years..... we will see but I don't want to get rid of them till we know 100% we are not having anymore kids ! We also will have to trade in or sale some baby gear if we have a boy since some of the gear is pink ! Mainly the car seat ( only if I can't get a replacement cover in neutral colors) and the stroller the rest can still be used for either sex.

We are have found around 10 rentals we like but most are wanting a June 1st move in date BUT the good thing is that the people renting it have will also have July openings!!
We want in the TSC (Tippecanoe School Corp. ) and we have found more rentals on the south side than on the east side which is fine as long as it's what we are looking for and in the TSC area. I am sooooooooooo ready to move ..

Monday, May 11, 2009

Wondering ..

I sit here wondering what this new baby Gummy Bear is going to be like . Our they going to have my personality that Shaylee also has ?? Our they going to be quiet and easily grumpy like Steve but also have a soft side ??
Shaylee takes after both of us in many ways . She has her daddy's beautiful eyes, monkey toes, wide feet, curly hair and tallness. She has my hair color, my attitude, my silliness, my sweetness, my kindness.
Will Shaylee and Gummy Bear look like each other like my sister and I do ??? Will they look completely opposite??

All I know right now is Gummy Bear is active in my belly just like Shaylee was . I can't wait to meet Gummy Bear and find out what they look like and what kind of little person she will be and become.

October seems sooooooooooo far away ........... I have plenty of things to keep my mind off of how long it seems .

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Not so fun time last night

Every Wednesday we go to my parents house for dinner so that Shaylee can go play and see my parents.
She gets up at 7am which is odd for her even though she does have sleep issues she rarely ever gets up before 8:30am . She slept through the night which she has gotten better at as well . She doesn't eat her favorite breakfast she asks for (fresh strawberries) she just drinks milk and just is quiet for the morning . I thought nothing of it.
Nap time she goes into her room for a nap and I go about getting some things done so I really don't know what time she fell asleep which she naps for 2 hours daily when she naps. She woke around 2pm so I figured she fell asleep around noon which was only about 15 minutes after I put her into her room. Well she was super whinny thought maybe she didn't get 2 hours of sleep like normal. Went about getting ready for my parents.
We get to my parents around 4pm and she doesn't get all excited like normal she barely cares we are at grandma's she just goes inside and goes to the couch and lays down. I told them it's just because she is still tired. Come dinner time she is still laying on the couch and she says she wants to eat but doesn't touch anything not even her fruit and cheese which she LOVES. We let her go lay down and then after I get done eating I go check on her and to change her . She is BURNING up . I cut my trip short go home and find that she has a 102 fever we rush her to the Urgent Care and they ask as questions and do a strep test after finding her throat is red and inflamed. Sends us home . I had no time to ask about if we should worry about the Swine Flu since we had been to the park over the weekend.
This morning I call and find she is negative for strep and just return if in the next few days her symptoms worsen .
She woke up at 8:30 and had no fever thankfully and is acting more herself all but eating . She is napping now and I want her to get as much sleep as she can so she can sleep past 2 hours if she wants.

Fun activity for pregnant ladies !

I got this out of my new book Postcards from the Bump.
Once you know your due date count out jelly beans or other candiesfor each day until your due date and put them in a container . Each day take one and watch the candy dwindle and your belly get bigger !! You can include your husband and or other kids as well just add enough from them as well !