My Family

My Family

Sunday, November 28, 2010


We were not able to do what we had planned over the Thanksgiving so we are going to work on it tomorrow.
We are cleaning and moving out stuff from the office that we never use anymore since we have laptops and make into Cassie's room. That means getting rid of ALOT of stuff . Goodwill pile, Matrix pile and Once Upon A Child pile. Also I had cleaned out our pantry and we are donating some boxed and can foods. We might be struggling but I am sure more families are struggling more than us. It's not alot (canned chili,cereal we won't eat, instant potatoes we don't like) it's something more than some might have.
I am not ready for this milestone which should have happened months ago. Shaylee was 9 months when we put her in her own room,Cassie is 13 months. With the rooms being small the girls can't share a room yet plus I don't think Shaylee is ready to share a room with her sister they would be waking each other up all the time!!
It's not going to be the best room right now since we can't paint but I try and make it nice for her frame a picture of her and Shaylee and hang it up. Shaylee has a picture of her and I when she was a baby. Then hang the name thing my mom bought for her and then those wall stickers that you can buy. Shaylee has Dora ones, I am sure they have something for Cassie's room. I will post pictures when we get it done.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Missing the old days..

Home from my parents house after Thanksgiving dinner. It was a nice dinner and fun seeing the girls play at grandma's and papaw's house UNTIL Logan started her crap with me. We almost made it the entire night without fighting so close 45 minutes more and we would have had 1 full night of not fighting. No she had to tell me I couldn't take the movies I bought myself and left at home when I moved out because she was only 6 so I left them for her then take them back when she got older. She ALWAYS is the one that starts crap between us ALWAYS.
I miss when we got along and she didn't want Steve and I to leave, she would want to hang out with us and play games with her. I loved that! We got along so well back then we would talk about all kinds of stuff she was my best friend even though she was just a little kid! I miss that. Now she thinks I am stupid, she hates my kids because they are kids and she hates Steve now for no unknown reason. It's so stupid she's so immature. She gets away with murder, she gets everything she wants because my parents can't say no to her they can't even tell her to treat my kids thier grandkids with respect. She won't get a job she won't get her license. I just wish I had a real relationship with her. I can't honestly say that I like her I don't I can't not the way she treats me and my family even though she is my sister. It's really sad. Maybe once she grows up and matures we can be better friends and better sisters........

Monday, November 22, 2010

Cassie gets her own room!

After 13 months Cassie will have her own room soon! We are tackling the office and cleaning it out to make it into her room. We never use the office and she needs her own room. Shaylee had her own room at 9 months so it's time. We agree that they are not old enough to share a room. I will post pictures soon!

Sunday, November 21, 2010


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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Going back to school

Steve that is!!!!
He is sick of looking for a job and either getting told not enough experience or just never being called for an interview. He didn't make the cut off for school last year and he wasn't sure about then either. Now he is ready to go back and is excited. Diesel mechanic he knows about vehicles and has worked on them all his life so it will not be hard for him at all. What WILL be hard is not being with him the way we are with him currently. Especially once he gets a job after school they can work 15 hour days!! He didn't work that much at SIA!!!! We will learn a new routine and it will be good for all of us we NEED this!! It is hard to be around each other ALL the time and still have a good relationship. We don't fight all the time but the stress can get to us both some days. The money is great and the work isnt' as hard on him physically so that's a major plus. I can't wait I am so excited for him and already so proud of him. So ready for him to be back to work and getting us back stable financially!!

Sickness sickness sickness!

It figures not even a full month into preschool and Shaylee gets a sinus infection that leads her to get on amoxicllian! Goes away 10 days later 2 days healthy then gets another sinus infection!! Also Cassie got it as well and on meds!!Crazy how when kids start school they get so sick!! Shaylee has NEVER gotten sick until starting school so it's crazy.