My Family

My Family

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Potty Training

We have been trying to potty train Shaylee since Thanksgiving . So far nothing exciting has happened. She was told by grandma that she gets a big toy once she goes potty on the potty . We also told her she gets a big toy if she goes on the potty. We sit her on the potty first thing in the morning, she gets all excited and tries so hard but she just farts ! She thinks that's too funny and then she gets upset that she can't pee we just tell her she can try later. She doesn't want to try later so it's mainly a morning thing now. It's a start . We also have been cutting back on milk giving her 1% milk instead of 2% and not letting her have more than 3 sippy cups of it ( the sippy cups are 10 oz) that's still too much according to the doctor but it's better than what we were giving her which was 6-7 sippy cups a day ! She at first HATED it and threw fits but now she is used to it. THen also we are trying to get her off her "baba" ( pacifer) we have to tell her if she doesn't have it all day ( with the exception of nap) she can have dessert as long as she doens't ask for her "baba" and throw fits when we say no "baba". that is going so - so right now. She keeps telling us she is a baby and she needs it she doesn't want to be a big girl. That could be due to Cassie not sure. Shaylee is doing really well with Cassie she loves her so much , tells her she loves her and how cute she is , helps us out as much as she can . The only thing is that since Cassie Shaylee has started to not listen to us and gets into trouble for not listening more than she did before . Her sleeping has gotten about 10 % better she is napping more when we tell her it's nap time and she has been going to at night in her own bed more which is great but she still wakes up early ( 7am ) and screams for me till I come to get her she can't just play in her room till I come and get her around 9am like she used to .


Marc said...

A little poem I saw on the bathroom wall will work for Shaylee:

Here I sit all broken hearted. I tried to poop but only farted."


proudmommy said...

LOL Marc that's too funny !