My Family

My Family

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

August is coming!!

As most of you know S starts Kindergarten in August. WOW. Just over a month. Am I ready. 50/50 I would say. I still have a lot to do before starting of school. Lunch planning, buy supplies, etc. etc. She needs the school supplies, lunch box, maybe some clothes...

it will be a time to start a new routine for everyone. Hubby might be on 3rd by then, C will be the only one home all day with me.

I figured I can clean easier with 1 kid home, shopping, park, library, walking.

lunch/dinner meal planning

I still have so much more stuff I want to do this year.....

Indiana Beach
Indianpolis Childrens Musuem

Not to mention build our house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!