My Family

My Family

Monday, March 30, 2009

Blogging again

Okay this time I wrote down my passwords !! So now I have 3 yes 3 blogs !! so I will somewhat update /refresh you on the 2 from before.

I am a coupon clipping mama that LOVES bargins and sales ! I know how to save my family money . I shop in bulk , shop at Aldi's for can and box goods , etc. I cook at home as much as I can . Since prego I tend to not want to cook most nights and I have to force myself to then sometimes I just beg to just go out . I hope that changes I LOVE to cook ! It saves money !!

I have had 3 miscarraiges since 2006 . One before my 2 year old daughter at 5 weeks (Shaylee was concieved a month later and I went on to have an AWESOME pregnancy with her) then in early 2008 I had another at 12 weeks (the baby died at 6 weeks) then went on to have my last miscarriage in mid 2008 at 7 and a half weeks . So I tend to lose babies before 8 weeks.
Did all kinds of tests to figure out why so many. All came negative so then it was all about progesterone. They advised me that once we were ready to TTC and I got pregnant again to call ASAP and get on progesterone . 2 days before Valentines day 2009 I found out I was pregnant again ! I got on progesterone ASAP (3 weeks) and I am currently 11 weeks 3 days pregnant !!!! I HATE the feeling I feel on progesterone since it makes me double sick but I am truley grateful for the medication that keeps me pregnant ! I have till 14 weeks then I get to get off the med.

Wow this is just going to be ALOT of random stuff but that's how I roll I am TOTALLY random all the time !

We owned a house in 2001 lost it back in 2006 I was 6 months pregnant and now we have lived in a 2 bedroom apartment since . We FINALLY have enough money to move this summer I am so excited and happy.

Having a 2 year old is so many emotions ! Exciting , rollercoaster, exhausting, so many others . I can't believe my baby is 2 !!! She is the smartest 2 year old out thier I swear ! She even got into preschool early !! Instead of waiting till she is 3 they evuated her and want her to start in August !! They say she is smarter than half of thier 3 year olds !! YAY Shaylee !!!!!!
I have to admit I have something to do with how smart she is !! I talk to her all the time show her things , teach her things, she's awesome !

She has MAJOR sleep problems though that's her flaw her only flaw so far. She goes 2 weeks with sleeping perfectly then goes 2 weeks with waking up during the night . She has had the smae bedtime routine since forever so I have no idea why she is like this. I have learned to deal with it but it's hard being pregnant since I have to get up with her during the week since hubby works early and sleeps like the dead but on the weekend he steps up and gets up with her and has daddy baby time. I guess she isn't a baby anymore !!

Potty training WOW now that's a story ! 18 months we bought a potty she was all about it till 21 months when she started getting afraid of it . Now we are 26 months and she is getting into it again . She LOVES to go potty with us . She will sit on her potty diaper on and actually go potty on the potty now if we could get her to do that with no diaper that would be awesome.

I used to work from home and spent more money trying to keep it going than anything so I stopped and we actually SAVE money now with me jsut staying home !! LOL how crazy is that !!!??

Shaylee has so much stuff planned for the year !!! Swim lessons (2 year !!!!) she does great at swimming , moving, preschool , new baby, gymnastics soon after she turns 3.
I want her to be able to do things that I didn't . Okay I got to go to summer camp and some other stuff but I never got to do girlsscouts or anything like that.

I have to take a break from writing for now.