My Family

My Family

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mulberry house

OMG we went to see a house in Mulberry and it was cheap but big (supposedly 5 months ago remodeled ) but it was CRAP ! The second story windows were all boarded up since thier was no glass in any of them ! They had window a/c NOT central air like he told us. It was just a waste of time . We looked though it could have been the one we are looking for !

We heard back from one duplex that we got approved but we really dont have the deposit yet plus we didn't really like the layout as well as the 1st one we looked at . We have yet to hear from the 1st house which is 1450 sq ft move in ready and such a good layout . We called the 1st house and left a message telling them that we need to find out soon since we really dont have that much time before we have to get out of the apartment.
That is what's worrying us the most . If by chance we can not get a place before Aug. we have to start paying the apartment month to month and the rent will be close to $1,000 !!!!!! That's $250 MORE than what we pay now and the houses that we are trying to get our also about $800 a month. UGH it's just stressing me out !!!!!!!!!!!!

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