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My Family

Thursday, June 18, 2009

House Hunting

As our journey to finding another house we have seen 3 so far that we have actually looked inside .
1st one - great location
little yard
SMALL living room
DEATH stairs (steep and scary )
and a bath room that had a shower/bath that was 3 feet up yes you would have to have a step stool to get in out of !

2nd one-
high end of our budget
TRASHED so alot of work to be done to it
HUGE yard which Steve didn't want
decent location

3rd one -
PERFECT !!!!!!!!
2100 sq ft
PLENTY of storage and room
CHEAP for the size of the house
just PERFECT what we were looking for
We filled out a application and turned it in and found out a week later that it was rented to the people that first saw it a HOUR before we saw it ! They felt bad telling us since they liked us alot and thought we would be great renters but first come first get .

4th one -
smaller than what we would need
cheaper end of budget
Would not be able to use our dining room table
would have to pay $100 for our cat and we currently pay $20 for her

We are looking at 3 other houses over the weekend.
1 we drove by it's ok from the outside
not the best addition but in the area we want
4 bedrooms (we need 3)
low on our budget
it looks like it has NO C/A which is BAD so we will see Saturday when we actually go look inside it.
The other 2 our in the addition that the house we almost got is in so we know we like the area . They look nice on the outside if they are HUGE like the one we almost got and as cheap then we will fill out application for sure on those !

We also drove by a area that isn't where we really want but the duplexs are big and nice and found 7 for rent I called 2 so far and they are both 3 bedrooms but WAY over our budget so we'll see about the others.

Shaylee is having a hard time with driving around and being in the van so much that we have been taking her over to my parents so that she wouldn't have to go everytime and that seems to help out .

We praying that everything will turn out , with his job (his hours have been cut so hopefully they will start working more soon) and moving . We really NEED a bigger place the apartment is 1000 sq ft and only 2 bedrooms . We hate it we need out ! I have actually filled out applications to part time jobs to help out even though I REALLY dont' want to go back to work but it would be temporary just till he gets back to working full time . Plus it would be in the evening so Steve would be home with Shaylee.

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