My Family

My Family

Friday, April 3, 2009

Doctors appointment

Baby Gummy Bear (looks like one right now !) @ 9 weeks !!! Healthy as can be !

As of today I am 12 weeks ! YAY I have made it this far and I am VERY BLESSED and relived !

My last appointment got to hear the heartbeat which was STRONG and so beautiful . Everything still sounds and looks perfect.

I am starting to show but I do not have any good belly pictures yet.

A week from today I can get off my progesterone since my levels are where they are suppose to be and so I can stop taking them. YAY thank goodness they make me double sick ! I haven't really been able to enjoy this pregnancy completely yet .

We got a book of stages the baby will go through and Shaylee says that the baby looks like a octopus right now !! LOL how cute !

Also we are enrolled to take a class in Sept to prepare Shaylee for the new baby . It will be at the hospital and she will get to see the room I will be in and the nursery and we will get other tips and other info to get her adjusted to the new baby.


Misty said...

LOL! Your baby does look like a gummy bear!

proudmommy said...

LOL I know !