My Family

My Family

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Things just keep going bad for us

Oh I just don't know how to go on right now I know I have to for Shaylee and Cassie but it's SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hard !!
We did get WIC so that's a plus , trying to get Medicaid since he lost his insurance, FINALLY got unmeployement approved after 5 weeks and 2 checks were sent out on the 8th but because of the holiday mail is behind and of course that made us late with rent which our landlord of only just over a month isn't happy with us and was going to evict us on Monday if we didn't have the money but LUCKILY we found out that the unemployement went through so we told him we were just waiting for them in the mail and then of course they didn't come today so now we have to wait till Monday to see if they come . We told him as soon as we found that they didn't come in the mail that they didn't come but we have PROOF that it was paid out to hubby and they are coming . If he is cold hearted we are afraid he will evict us on Monday for making him wait like we are leading him on but we have PROOF that we have the money coming. We wold have NO WHERE to go since my parents house they aready have grandma living with them in that small house so another 4 people living thier would be hell since it's not even big enough for the 4 already living in that house. His family we have nothing to with them since they threatened us and stalked me a few years back. UGH !!!!!!!!!!! Can't eat can't sleep worrying so much praying so much but nothing working out for us !!!!!!!!!!! If only those stupid checks would have been sent out BEFORE the holiday !! We would have been FINE. THis is NOT how I pictured us spending our last few months just being a family of 3 at all. Please pray for my family we need ALL the prayers we can !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We are tyring to do our best to stay together and stay afloat but it's not going so great .


Misty said...

Hey Chic! I was just reading your blog, and I wanted to tell you that we are praying for you guys. I am sure that everything will work out. I know that it is tough. What do you need for the new baby? Anything in particular?

proudmommy said...

not really much since we have alot of stuff already from Shaylee.