My Family

My Family

Friday, June 5, 2009

UGH why does this happen!

Figures we went to look at the house and I LOVE that it's HUGE ! so much room for our growing family . We filled out the application for it and won't hear back till Monday . Well Steve all up and keeps finding silly reasons NOT to rent it now. To much yard to mow (about 3 acres) with only a push mower, not easily able to baby proof ( umm yes it can be baby proofed it just might be alittle harder to figure out how to baby proof than what we are used to ) , etc. etc.

We decided we would look around this weekend to find other rentals (not that we can actually look in them this weekend so that doesn't help at all ! Then on Monday if we are approved I see why not see if they would consider knocking the price down more (they knocked it down from $875 to $850 since it was TRASHED by the current people living thier so they will have to take 2 weeks to clean and get it ready to be moved into ) Steve thinks since we have to mow it ourselves they should knock down the price atleast to $800 if not $750.

I am sooooooooo afraid if we pass this house up we won't find another house we like and everything by August and then we will have to sign another lease for this damn apartment we can't stand to be in anymore.
I know I would be happy in that house it's big , it's in a good area I think we could be in it for awhile if Steve would just stop making excuses not to like it !
I do agree with him on the price though if they go down atleast to $800 that would be more comfortable for us .

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