My Family

My Family

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Getting ready to move

The fun of getting ready to move ! We are planning to move the 2nd weekend of July during hubby's 2 week vacation. We are moving a month early since we can't STAND it at the apartment anymore (2 small , neighbors suck and just want out of town !!) . I have started to pack up our DVD"s and Cd's that we don't watch or listen to so those can be already packed and ready to go . The closer it gets to moving the more packing of things we don't use much will get done. My main thing is that once we find out the sex of Baby Octopus (Gummy Bear got bumped since we think it's cute that Shaylee calls the baby Octopus ) I will go through ALL 10 HUGE containers of Shaylee's baby clothes and if we are having a boy pick out the unisex clothes and get those out and in a separate container for when the baby is born and if it's a girl pick out all the small sizes we need right away when the baby is born. We'll probably save all the girls clothes even if we are having a boy because we are thinking we MIGHT have 1 more baby after 1-2 years..... we will see but I don't want to get rid of them till we know 100% we are not having anymore kids ! We also will have to trade in or sale some baby gear if we have a boy since some of the gear is pink ! Mainly the car seat ( only if I can't get a replacement cover in neutral colors) and the stroller the rest can still be used for either sex.

We are have found around 10 rentals we like but most are wanting a June 1st move in date BUT the good thing is that the people renting it have will also have July openings!!
We want in the TSC (Tippecanoe School Corp. ) and we have found more rentals on the south side than on the east side which is fine as long as it's what we are looking for and in the TSC area. I am sooooooooooo ready to move ..

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