My Family

My Family

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Gender Predictors

LOL those are such a joke !!!!!
I took like a ton of them for Shaylee and they always said boy and now I have taken a few and they say this baby will be a boy as well.
Well see time will tell (8 weeks or so till we find out the sex). Not sure which sex I want . We have a set boys name and a somewhat girls name ( I LOVE it Steve isn't sure ). If you want to know the names you have to ask me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Misty said...

What are the names?

proudmommy said...

Breckin Patrick (Patrick after my grandpa we try to use family names Shaylee's middle name is Elizabeth after my great aunt on my dad's side)

Paige Abigale (Paige is my great grandma's maiden name but it's spelled like a page in a book ) Steve isn't so into the name but will see ......