My Family

My Family

Monday, December 12, 2011

Where is Elfton!?

So it's been awhile since I posted. We have been super busy this month.

Elfton has been around, he's been found in the girls John Deer Tractor,in Shaylee's lunch bag, he was on the couch watching tv cuddled in a blanket, and this morning he was in the kitchen with my cell phone texting santa!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Elf on the shelf

Ok so I am going to be honest. I think it's stupid to spend $30 on a creepy UGLY elf. yes you get a book with it big deal it's still VERY overpriced in my opinion.

I decided that we could find a CUTE elf and not spend more than $5 on it and do the same thing with it. So I did at Hobby Lobby for $3!! He's adorable and we are doing the same thing you do with the official elf on the shelf.
I call myself self crafty and cheap! LOL

ALL that matters is that my girls love it. I honestly KNOW that Shaylee saw the official elf and thought he was scary so this was good I got the cute cheap one.

Dec 1 where is Elfton??

Today he was flying the girls FP Little People airplane!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Nov.30 Where is Elfton?

Elfton was found this morning eating chocolate peppermint cookie this morning.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Elf on the Shelf Nov 29

Elfton showed up on the doodle pad this morning he drew the girls a kitty.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Elf on the Shelf

Meet Elfton our version of Elf on the Shelf since I think it's honestly silly to spend $30 on a ugly elf. I LOVE the concept to it which is what we are following but we wanted a cheaper elf. Elfton was found at Hobby Lobby for $3. He's cute and he will last for years to come.

You can bash me if you want that's just what I think personally. If you want to spend the $30 on it so be it. I am cheap or thrifty if you want to call me that.

We started it on Thanksgiving day so earlier than most people. He has been all over the place already. The girls take maybe 1 minute to find him they are that good finding him. Shaylee and Cassie still get yelled at daily and I threaten to have Elfton leave for good he did go away for about 2 days then he came back.

Today he was reading a Elmo book and fell asleep.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

More changes!

Since I was on last

  • I went from full time to working only weekends. I have just had enough of fast food resturant crap, rude customers, etc. plus I just can't handle the working mom thing it's difficult for me to be able to work and take care of the kids,cleaning etc. just takes to much out of me.

  • Steve FINALLY found a job THE JOB he has been wanting for awhile. He's now so depressed anymore.

  • Shaylee started preK and loves it.

  • Cassie will be 2 in less than a month.

In the next few months we have so much coming up.

  • Cassie's birthday

  • pumpkin patch/corn maze

  • family pictures

  • Halloween

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Going from a SAHM to a Working mom

I have always had respect for working moms even though I have never experianced being a working mom till now and lets just say I have an even higher respect for those moms that work and come how to care for family. It's hard! I come home at 6p, cook, eat, clean up, baths, and before I know it it's time for me to go to bed! I have no problem working it's the getting up at 6:45 a that I am having issues with getting used to !!LOL

Cassie is 18 months!

Cassie turned 18 months on Easter this year.

She is blossoming into such the toddler!!!! With her therapy she has to be in a walker but she loves being in it and she will stand and walk all over it's wonderful!!She's talking and learning no words all the time and getting such a personality!!

As of 2 weeks ago she is 29.5 oz and she goes in Tues. for her WCC.

I know I can't compare my kids but it's so funny because Shaylee walked at 12 months, hit 35 lb at 18 months and had to be forward facing. Cassie isn't walking yet at 18 months and she isn't close to hitting 35 lbs. She will make it to 2 I bet rear facing which will be so awesome!

Shaylee is still harnessed at 4.5 and I hope that she will make as close to 6 harnessed as she can.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Tell me your favorite quote!

  • I have a few Shaylee quotes -

  • No nope I don't think so

  • It's not on my to do list

  • I poop families so many other Shaylee quotes I love!!!!

  • All because two people fell in love.

  • Always kiss your children goodnight even if they are asleep.

  • Every good and perfect gift comes from above.

  • Movie quotes I have so many I can't put them all down but here's a few !-

  • No but I ate a brownie once - Without a Paddle

  • Billy's dead and he still has a better chance of getting laid than I do. - Without a Paddle

  • How do you like me now fish, what you can't hear me because you don't have ears, because you don't have a head because I cut it off! - Without a Paddle

  • No more yankie my wankie - Sixteen Candles

  • She's gone, she gave me a pen, she broke my heart , she gave me a pen - Say Anything

  • I don't want to sell anything,buy anything,or process anything as a career,I don't want to sell anything bought or processed,or buy anything bought or processed, or process anything sold,bought or processed, or repair anything bought, sold or processed. You know as a career , I don't want to do that. - Say Anything

So many other movies that have great quotes!! Super Troopers, Clueless, Taladaga Nights, a ton of great other movie quotes but dont have time to list.

I want to know your favorite quotes no matter if it's a movie , life or whatever quote!!

Why is she always sick!?

I always ask myself how can she always be sick? She was NEVER not even with a cold sick before starting school at 3.5 years old. Now she's sick all the time when she is in school but during breaks she is fine and healthy then when back to school bam sick again. I know it's good for her now to build up a immune but it's getting tiring how sick she gets. Is it mold in the school, is it something in our house ( it couldn't be because during school breaks we are always home so she would be sick during breaks as well but she isn't) I don't know if it's just allergies i just don't know what it could be.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Feeling non social

I have been sick with a nasty sinus infection/cold for the last few weeks. Keeps getting better then bam back again. YUCK! I haven't been wanting to talk to my friends, or get on Facebook much. Nothing against you all I love you guys but I am just in a slump I guess. I hope I can get out of it soon.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


I know I posted this on FB but I wanted to get it on here because one of these days I might print my blog.

Anyway .....

Cassie has found a LOVE for hats she loves trying them on and taking them off. She gets mad if you take them off if she's not ready for them to be off her head!

Shaylee decided she wants to be a ballerina princess doctor and has the outfit to go with it! post that soon!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

random thoughts

Sometimes I think nobody ever reads this, don't worry I don't expect everyone to comment for everything, I just feel that I am not really that interesting. I mainly have this blog as a journal but love when I know someone has taken the time to read it.

Enjoy the ride here is some random thoughts for today!!

  • Steve started learning the guitar because he FINALLY CANCELLED that stupid WOW game of his!!!YAY no more STUPID game!! He needs a new hobby and the guitar is pretty much free so why not. How am I feeling about this????........ ask me again in a few days!!
  • Steve also goes for his compass (not sure if that's how you spell it) test tomorrow it will take 3 hours. What are we going to do without him for 3 hours he has NEVER left us for 3 hours we always leave him! It's school day so Shaylee will be in school in the morning, then go pick her up have lunch all together, then when he leaves ....... really not sure what we will do most likely do our normal thing that we always do at home especially since it's suppose to be cold and snowing.
  • I am trying something new for dinner ok not new but new to how I am preparing it. I am making taco's and decided I would put in the crock pot to cook so it will be ready for when Steve gets home.
  • Cassie' s therapy will be every 2 weeks, we set a goal of 3-6 months to have her walking. I know she can do it!
  • We spent a lot of today outside love this weather......tomorrow it is back to rain and cold maybe snow for the next week.

I think that's about it for now have a great day/evening!!

ok so the spell check is messed up soooooo sorry if I misspelled anything!!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

First park trip and walk of the season!

Can you say AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!! It was great to be outside without freezing!! We didn't stay long since we had a lot to do but we made a medium pace circle around the park. Shaylee didn't do so bad, we need to work on her about holding our hands around the roads. Cassie was very quiet but I think she was just taking everything in! I am looking forward to visiting the park atleast 1-2 times a week in the summer. I wish I had my camera but I didn't take it...

Friday, March 18, 2011

Cassie's growing up!

I look at Cassie playing on the floor so much happiness in her eyes they just light up so bright all the time especially when she's happy and playing. I never want her to lose that. She looks sooooooo much like Shaylee, different hair color but so much of her features are the same! her personality is forming more and more. She's goofy and playful. Tough and not afraid to push her big sister around already it's just so wonderful to watch her grow up.

Music and Movies

Growing up my parents listened to alot of music. My mom mainly 60's and 70's the stuff she grew up listening to. My dad listened to 70's and 80's stuff. I learned to love 80's because I grew up in the 80's ( I was born in 1980, I know I am OLD LOL!!!)and also because my dad listened to it all the time and he would play his records for me while my mom worked and we would dance around. I love music ,most kinds of music, anything but rap really.....

Music makes me feel alive, when I need to relax I grab the music that means the most to me, Take On Me by Ah Ha, Africa by Toto so many other 80's songs then When the Wind Blows by All American Rejects, From Yesterday by 30 Seconds to Mars and then so many other songs by them, and a few other random songs that just make me relax and feel nostalgic.I also come across some new music because of my sister which is sometimes really great too, Score 24, Amely, Justin Posey etc.
Movies are also something that I can't live without I could go on and on about my favorite movies what they mean to me etc etc. I remember growing up watching oldies with my parents on Sundays. Bad Seed (Little girl who is well a bad seed that does terrible things to people), Blondie a 1930's tv series (The Blondie and Dagwood as in the comic strip). Then we have the 80's movies and even 80's tv that I could never get enough of. Sixteen Candles,Breakfast Club, Mannequin, Danger Mouse, Get Along Gang, She Ra, Jem, Rainbow Bright, Weird Science, American Bandstand so many more. So many movies just so many movies I love I have tons of favorites!!! Here are just a few...
-Bringing Up Baby ,ALL TIME FAVORITE!! Katherine Hepburn , if you haven't seen it rent it! Great movie!! Classic!
-Without a Paddle so many great quotes i can't even tell you how many times I have watched it and it never gets old!
-Sixteen Candles again great quotes and never gets old.
-Clueless sorry it's just on my list it's a great movie I can't help but love it

Oh goodness I could keep on going on and on about movies and music so many other movies I want to list.......

If it wasn't for music and even movies I wouldn't be the person I am today. My girls will grow up with music and movies like I did it's a great way to grow up!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pictures from 1 year ago

Funny to look at a few pictures that were taken 1 year ago today.

Not myself

UGH what's wrong with me I usually more upbeat, keep myself together, and even if I am tired I try not to sit around all day but the last few days have been soooooooooooooo busy Shaylee going to and from school, looking for a vehicle and coming home and cooking and cleaning up, it's just draining me. Last night after dinner I crashed HARD I had a low grade fever, FREEZING ,sore throat and so very tired I didn't feel like doing anything but laying down. I still feel the same way today but just a smidgen better. It sucks because it is BEAUTIFUL outside and I hate wasting that great weather since it's suppose to rain all weekend but I can't seem to get off my lazy sick butt. It's funny because during the summer we are always on the go outside playing and I never feel this worn down..... I am probably sick with whatever is going around.. Hopefully I will get out of this funk soon.

Monday, March 14, 2011

My favorite song and video by Big Time Rush


UGH!!!!!!!!!!! I love clothes but I am sick of going through them. I spent a lot of hours going through old clothes that neither girl can wear anymore and saving the most special ones and then dividing the not so stained ones to donate and the ones to sell. I have 1 tub FULL of summer clothes that Cassie can wear more dresses than anything else. 1 tub of donate stuff and 1 tub of sale able stuff So all we have to do is buy shorts for Shaylee she still has plenty of summer shirts to wear from last year, sandals for Cassie and i think that's it............

Good/bad times

So many things have happened some bad some good. We see the light at the tunnel we are still a little from that light but it's shining and we can see it!!!!!!


I miss my friends that used to live in Indiana (you all know who you are!), I have good friends really good friends some I have never met (you all know who you are as well!!) I wish we could all live closer.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

RIP mini van

Today started out normal as could be. I was going to go run to the store after lunch while steve stayed home with the girls but Steve wanted to all go because he needed to get out of the house. We had a good trip both girls were really behaved. As we were on our way home like 2 miles away from home I was at a red light it turned green I went to go and it felt like we got rear ended, the transmission dropped. I am proud of myself I stayed calm it was Steve that started freaking out. I HAD to stay calm. I called the cops and my cell died in mid conversation. We didn't know what to do then (last time I am leaving the house without a full battery!) we just stayed in the van and talked to the kids making sure that they wouldn't freak out. Finally 10 minutes later a cop came and called my mom to come to take us home. We got to ride in a wrecker just to go around the corner since we had the girls. Shaylee kept on saying "how exciting!" Cassie was laughing and blabbing away. We got home safe and sound thankfully the girls were not scared because that would make it harder.

The van is said to cost $3000 or more possibly we only paid $700 after we traded in our car. It's not worth it to us to get it fixed well actually we CAN NOT afford to get it fixed honestly. Not with us living the way we are just not possible. Then again we NEED a reliable vehicle to get Shaylee to and from school and also groceries. Yes Steve has a van it's a 1999 and we don't drive it because it's not a very reliable van he used it just to get from work and back and that's all but then he lost his job in '09 and he didn't drive it much because we had my van which is a 2002. About a year ago something broke on it and Steve fixed it himself but he knew it wasn't going to last so we knew that the day was coming when the van would take a poop on us and not be fixable. that day was today. With having to drive his van who knows how long it will last us. We need a reliable vehicle with kids and Steve starting school in 2 months. We can't afford to fix my van we can't afford to get another used one....... we have no other option than to ask my grandma to help us get a USED van that's reliable for now. We can't just have 1 vehicle with kids especially one that's not reliable enough. I hate the thought of asking for help but we just don't have an option right now. I honestly don't know what we are going to do when his van takes a poop on us who knows how long it will last driving it so much. ...............I know it will work out it always does when stuff happens to us. I pray that it will work out...


My mommy is the best!! She's crazy and I don't really see eye to eye with her on alot of stuff but I love her so she is buying me (if they aren't already sold out) BIG TIME RUSH tickets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Friday the go on sale!

Now I just need to talk her into getting me a Nook as well.........=)

Friday night dinners

A friend of mine gave me the idea to blog about how our family dinners go.

Friday night dinners are usually held at my parents currently. That's not how it started though. We never really had family night dinners till my oldest was born she's 4. They would come over to our house every Friday night since it was easier for them to come to us since we had a baby. I would cook for them. As the years went on we would take turns. During the spring and summer we would go over to my parents house and it would be on any day of the week since my mom doesn't work summers. Winter they would come back over to our house usually on Fridays since they work. This past winter they came over to our house alot since it we have more room over at our place. Steve god love him couldn't stand it much longer after about 2 months of them coming over every Friday. Those times I go over to my parents are his free time away from us. As for meals they are all over the place we have simple stuff (hot dogs/hamburgers) to the actual big meal (roast,potatoes,veggie,rolls,salad). During the winter we stay indoors of course the girls playing in the hallway (that's basically the only place they have room to play at my parents. In the summer at my parents we are in the pool or playing in the yard....ok I lie we are ALWAYS in the pool in the summer!! We barely eat when we are in the pool!!

This will all change soon since he will be starting school in May. I have yet to find a part time job in the evenings to make us some extra money while he's in school. Praying he will be able to get a work study job because not that I am lazy but I don't think we as a family can handle him in school and then me working at night while he is home watching the kids and studying! I might be wrong it could work out great. I am scared to find out..... I really shouldn't worry they will always be with one of us. I am just that worry wart kinda person. We will figure it out we always do.....

Monday, March 7, 2011

31st birthday

So my 31st birthday is coming up.....feel free to get me a Nook and or Big Time Rush tickets so I can see them at the Indiana State Fair. No seriously I want both these for my birthday. I never get anything from anymore from Steve because I say I don't want anything or need anything but you know what I want something this year for my birthday and darn it I deserve it. So mommy please buy the a Nook and Big Time Rush tickets =)!!!!

My mom actually doesn't even read my blog so this won't help.

So I can I say she can spend double what I am asking her to spend on Logan but she can't do that for me????

I have issues with my sister but I won't get into that.......

I dont care about getting older , I have always been ok with growing older...

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Well appartently we should really be proud because our 4 year can tie killer knots in stuff!!!

This is from the director of First Steps!!

Cassie progress

So we filled out the paperwork for therapy. They were impressed she could say so many words and how ahead she is in everything but walking! I really think she won't quailfiy because she is ahead of everything else.

New words - Please, Thank you, Window,Cookie, Milk, Chicky, Bath, Shoe those are all just the new words she has learned in the last week!!!! She knows about 5-7 more!!

She is standing more and more but still only in her pack n play she refuses to stand on the floor or against the couch. She somewhat cruises around in her pack n play.

She's just really blossomed the last week.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Shaylee & Cassie's WCC/Shaylee's dentist appointment

Shaylee is 53 pounds and 47 inches. She did all of what was asked of her to do for the evaluation. She did great a shot which I told her she wouldn't get one (bad mommy!) and she screamed for 15 min and was super grump the rest of the day.

Cassie is 28 pounds and unsure of her height because of they measured her at 30 inches that means she hasn't grown since 12 months which she has and then we forgot to get her remeasured. She is meeting all milestones except the pulling up,standing and walking. At 15 months they should be walking completely. She just started pulling up the day before the appointment and I guess that doesn't count enough so they are sending her to First Steps for therapy.She also had a shot she just didn't like being held down and then she was fine.

Shaylee last year went to a dentist that wouldn't let me go back with her and I wish I owuld have walked out right then because Shaylee went back they asked her something and she started SCREAMING bloody murder and they wouldn't let me go back!!! let's just say we haven't been back.Plus they are insurance fraud! They charged medicaid for xrays when she had NONE done!

I found a great new dentist that allowed me back , they told her step by step what they were doing. She loved it. She had her teeth cleaned, counted (10 and 10) and xrayed. I was sooooo proud of how great she did!!!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Funny sayings

Shaylee is so funny at times!

Me: time for bed!

Her: No, it's not on my to due list.

She says she poops familes.
She calls Cassie -Cassa

So many others I can't even think of but I have them written down her baby book!


Cassie is 15 months and she can walk on her knees perfectly no real walking because she won't stand! Her feet are super tiny like under size 3! She only takes bottles at night now and Lactaid milk and no more formula. She can say
Baba (bottle or sippy)
Bah Bah (baby)
Peek a Boo (Deek a Doo)
Chihuahua (wahwah)
Choo Choo (train)
Voomvoom (car)

She's a happy girl and she loves her sissy, taking off her socks and playing on the floor digging out sissy's toy box looking for barbies.

She loves cinnamon raisin bread, green beans, potatoes, chicken nuggets ( tyson), pb and j's, chicken and rice and goldfish crackers.

She makes our lives so complete.

Shaylee's 4!!!

January 17, 2007 @ 2:17 Shaylee Elizabeth was born weighing 9 lbs 11 oz 21 inches. She has made our life turn upside down but for the absolute best. She's funny, smart, creative, imaginative, and she's 4 now!!!!!!!

She has wanted a Barbie cake since early 2010 WAY before her 4th birthday she was barely into her 3' s when she started to ask for a Barbie cake for her next birthday. I was going to make one but at the last moment my mom was great and offered to pay for half , the cake is $30! It turned out AWESOME and everything and better than we ever thought. It came with a Barbie box and a real barbie! Very worth it!!! We had BBQ pork, tator tots, mac and cheese, potatoe salad, ham and also turtles.She got a Leapfrog Explorer that I got a good deal on it so I couldn't pass it up(she loves it by the way!) and all kinds of other good stuff!

I have to admit that auntie Logan did great with her and had fun with her and Cassie FINALLY!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


New Beginnings that all I have to say...........

Steve going back to school, getting a job after he goes through school.

Shaylee finishing her first year of preschool.

1 year closer to moving to where we WANT to live.

1 year closer to getting to where we were 2 years ago before Steve lost his job.

This is GOING to be our year to get back the life we once had. No more PA, NO more worrying about can we afford rent next month? It's going to be a better year!

A little over 12 days till she's 4!

Shaylee will be 4 on the 17th. Am I ready to have a 4 year old!!??? NO honestly I have no idea where the 4 years went it went so fast. She has grown up so much learned so much got spoiled more than I can imagine, she's the sweetest thing in the world but at the same has gotten more independent that leads her to get into more trouble as well!! She still needs to learn to not be so darn loud when Cassie is napping talking and playing is fine she can sleep through normal noises but when you go around screaming like a crazy woman the baby is going to wake up. She loves school and is a different kid at school which surprises me. I thought for sure we would have been called to pick her up because of her inability to listen most days. She so loving to her little sister, her daddy and me.

It's also been a year since she has had a paci her "baba" which is great I never thought she would go without it she was so darned attached to it.

She's also slimmed down ALOT she doesn't have that chubby toddler face anymore she's looking more like a little girl that she has became.

I could go on and on about how much I love her that I am blessed to have even had her. She's a miracle. I bled when I was 5 weeks pregnant with her and Iwent in and saw her heart beat!! The nurse was even surprised to see the heart beating! My little strong bug.

She goes back to school for the last half of preschool tomorrow Jan.6. My mom says that the rest of the school year will fly by and it will be summer before we know it.....not sure if I am ready for summer!!

Christmas Break

We didn't do many exciting things while Shaylee was out of school but we did a few things.
We went shopping all together, all 4 of us which we don't do often which was stressful but nice.
We did plenty of crafts and played with playdoh.
Played Wii (Carnival Games,Family Game Night 1 & 2 and Price is Right)
Went to go see Santa where we go every year t's a drive thru lights display that's freakin awesome! Shaylee loves it and well so do we!
Christmas Eve was low key just the 4 of us.
Christmas my parents,grandma,sister and her boyfriend came over it was nice.
We rented movies and games to play.
We are also getting Steve set up to go to Ivy Tech.
Also been alot of being lazy!! Taking a break from every day stuff to spend time with each other.
Also alot of breakdowns family naps at 3 in the afternoon late dinners and all that other stuff!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Funny Shaylee!

Me: Please stop scratching your butt Shaylee!
Her: I can't
Me:Why not?
Her: The ants will get me.
Me: What ants?
Her: The ants that will get me if I stop scratching my butt!