My Family

My Family

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Not so fun time last night

Every Wednesday we go to my parents house for dinner so that Shaylee can go play and see my parents.
She gets up at 7am which is odd for her even though she does have sleep issues she rarely ever gets up before 8:30am . She slept through the night which she has gotten better at as well . She doesn't eat her favorite breakfast she asks for (fresh strawberries) she just drinks milk and just is quiet for the morning . I thought nothing of it.
Nap time she goes into her room for a nap and I go about getting some things done so I really don't know what time she fell asleep which she naps for 2 hours daily when she naps. She woke around 2pm so I figured she fell asleep around noon which was only about 15 minutes after I put her into her room. Well she was super whinny thought maybe she didn't get 2 hours of sleep like normal. Went about getting ready for my parents.
We get to my parents around 4pm and she doesn't get all excited like normal she barely cares we are at grandma's she just goes inside and goes to the couch and lays down. I told them it's just because she is still tired. Come dinner time she is still laying on the couch and she says she wants to eat but doesn't touch anything not even her fruit and cheese which she LOVES. We let her go lay down and then after I get done eating I go check on her and to change her . She is BURNING up . I cut my trip short go home and find that she has a 102 fever we rush her to the Urgent Care and they ask as questions and do a strep test after finding her throat is red and inflamed. Sends us home . I had no time to ask about if we should worry about the Swine Flu since we had been to the park over the weekend.
This morning I call and find she is negative for strep and just return if in the next few days her symptoms worsen .
She woke up at 8:30 and had no fever thankfully and is acting more herself all but eating . She is napping now and I want her to get as much sleep as she can so she can sleep past 2 hours if she wants.


Misty said...

How is Shaylee now?

proudmommy said...

SHe is back to normal as of the end of the week. Silly and active !
I am sooooooo glad that is over with ! It was scary !