My Family

My Family

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Tonight the 3 of us , Cassie just hanging out chewing on her Eli , were being silly making each other laugh and having fun . We somehow came to the subject of how Steve's grandma would have loved to have been around us tonight because she was also spunky and silly , great to be around. She would have gotten a kick out of Shaylee and her silly sassyness !! LOL she was such a wonderful person to be around , always positive and happy . She would have wanted to hold Cassie and cuddle her as long as possible .
It makes me sad to know that grandma Sylvia isn't around but the memories are.
The girls will only know of her from stories . They will also never know any of Steve's side because the people that TRULY cared about him are not with us anymore . His mom wants nothing to do with us and because of her actions in the past anyway we want her negativity away from the girls they don't need her in our lives because she doesn't really love us . MY family loves the girls and they get plenty of love from them . Yes it's sad but our life. They will only know one set of grandparents.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

6 months old !

My baby Cassie is 6 months !!!! Where did the time go ??? It went so fast , I was just pregnant with her dreaming of what she would look like etc, then she was just born and now 6 months has past !!! She goes in for her check up the 27th. She has been rolling over , giggling , "talking" , trying to crawl , just getting so big . I love her so much .

Lazy days

With Shaylee being sick we have had to stay home which was sad because it was so nice out . I felt so lazy since I wasn't getting enough sleep those days that I didn't do much at . Now that she is feeling better I gotta get caught up on cleaning . I got the laundry from last week folded and put away but now I have laundry from this week to fold and put away now . I have dishes caught up . I am now getting ready to clean out my pantry and reorganize it so I can go stock up on some more can and boxed foods. I LOVE going to Aldi's . I try and go every couple of months and stock up . Used to hate that place when I was a kid I was too good for that store back then !! LOL Now that I am married and older I realize I am NOT too good for Aldi's . I also have to run the sweeper the carpet looks like crap ! I won't let the baby on the floor till I get the carpet clean !!

My sick baby

Shaylee after 3 years has gotten sick . She started throwing up a week ago on a Saturday . Threw up alot during that night. I ended up sleeping in her room with her that night since she has never been sick through out her little short life. Sunday the second day she woke up with a high fever and continued to have one off and on during that day but no throwing up . Monday no fever but started getting diarrhea that lasted 24 hours . Tuesday she didn't have any vomiting , fever or diarrhea but she wouldn't eat or drink . We tried everything and we got really worried and ended up taking her to the ER Wednesday . She wasn't dehydrated but they thought she could possibly have phenomena because her right lung sounded funny . She had Xrays and did great with them and they came out just viral . She's back to normal thankfully .
We took all the precautions but Cassie started to throw up yesterday my 30th birthday . Had to postpone plans for my birthday till everyone is all better .

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Looking at life through a 3 years old eye's

It can't get any better than seeing your 3 year old play in the leaves with papaw after being cooped up all winter indoors since we don't have alot of yard to play in and gramma and papaw do. Oh wait what would be better is BOTH my girls playing outside with papaw but that will come before I know it !

Shaylee was so excited about the "new" ( to her) sandbox that gramma and papaw found for her . " Look at my Ladybug , it's a Bug like me !" ( we call her Bug ) she is so proud of it . Wheel barrel rides , raking with papaw , she had a blast all in her Carebear jammies , hoodie and Crocs!!

Life is beautiful through bad and good times I know this because of Shaylee, I see this because of Shaylee. I wish I could have taken pictures of her outside playing with papaw because I could have gotten a ton of great ones. I have the memories though and now this blog that I can look back at .

Monday, April 5, 2010


As much as I want to stay home forever with my girls I know my family needs the income . I am looking into a part time job in the evening . Steve is looking into going back to school in June. I have only heard back from one place and that is Hobby Lobby . Had a interview and FAILED because they had me take a math test !!! OMG They told me to come back as soon as I remember how to do that math . I went back the next day the manager wasn't so I asked they told me Mon. went in on Mon. she wasn't in asked they said Thurs. went in Thursday she wasn't in . It was really making me angry that I was getting what I am thinking the run around. Waited till today went in and she was FINALLY in she acted like she didn't care and that she was surprised that I came back . Not even sure if I want to work at a store where they don't even want me it seems.

I have been wanting to sell Barefoot Books once I start a job as well because I know tons of parents and I think I could make a good amount from it once I do it for awhile .

We will see though still thinking about .......

Randomness /Easter/ Weather

The weather has been BEAUTIFUL out the last week and we just can't seem to get enough of it . Since we are both without jobs we can up and go drive around and look for a perfect place to run around and play . We ended up not cleaning the house for Easter dinner till the night before ! We did a good job believe it or not ! Easter was a casual dinner and lazy time around the living room just visiting and playing with the girls . Cassie ended up rolling over again 4 times YAY she hasn't rolled over since a few months ago . She has yet to roll over again since Easter . Shaylee got her basket of goodies and has been playing with her "babies" ( 2 Barbie dolls) ever since .

So my picture thing is so odd I wanted my pictures of outside here but it didn't do that !!

We have such cabin fever we are hardly home we just want to play outside !

I really want to stay outside it's so yummy to breathe in that spring air !!!!!

We ended up in Camden ,IN and found a great little park that we played at for about an hour. None of us wanted to leave !