My Family

My Family

Friday, June 25, 2010


So some might not know I can be a messy person, not dirty just messy at times. My mom was a female Danny Tanner as I called her growing up because she was a clean freak. I think that's why I am messy because I was sick of having to clean all the time living at home. Once I started having kids it changed it bugs me now when the house gets messy, I am in no means a female Danny Tanner I just don't like clutter at all! Once Steve lost his job back in July 09 he hated when I would start to clean "sit down relax clean later" he would say , it bugs me that he gets mad when I start cleaning up. I can't wait till he gets a job so I can get back to my old routine when he did work. It worked great Shaylee did great with it also.
Old routine
9am get up get Shaylee up
Morning tv time while fixing breakfast
playtime while I clean up after breakfast
Mommy/Shaylee time till lunch
mommy time usually clean
Steve came home around the time Shaylee would wake up from her nap and have daddy time while I fixed dinner after dinner family time till bedtime.

I hope to get back to that routine someday.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Spending the night w/ grandma

The other day my parents had a family friend over for dinner and to see the girls since it's been awhile since she seen Shaylee and she wanted to meet Cassie. Shaylee had a blast playing outside like usual. The time came where it was time to go home because everyone was getting grumpy because they were tired but Shaylee wouldn't leave she cried, kicked and screamed till grandma caved at let her stay the night even though she would be busy the next day. So I had only one daughter at home and she is easy to handle so I could do whatever when I got home. What did I do at home I went to bed!!!! LOL I was bored without Shaylee. Here we were talking about how it would be nice to have a few hours without Shaylee one night and we did get that and then I get bored!!! Too funny.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Pool pictures

First time in the pool 2010

We finally got to go in grandma and papaw's pool last weekend. It was Cassie's first time EVER and she LOVED it, smiled and splashed the entire time. Shaylee's millionth time in the pool. They both love the water but Shaylee has gotten scared to float by herself becasue of lessons last year when they made her go under, so now she has to have someone hold her. I really don't know why going under would have her react the way she does because before that happened she LOVED just floating around without anyone having to hold her..... We are working on getting her used to doing that again. She still loved to be in the water so that is good atleast!!!

Potty Training and her GOOD NOODLE Chart

Shaylee has been doing AWESOME with potty training. She only wears diapers when she has to poop( early in the morning) and then at bedtime. She has only had 3 THREE accidents since starting to wear panties and those were only because she got to into her play at grandma's house!! She has came so far with training it is just so awesome how fast she has learned and succeeded. We still have to work on the pooping and night time training but she is 100% day trained.

So we started about a month ago a GOOD NOODLE chart for her to help her with certain things.
Such as-
Going peepee on the potty
Cleaning up after herself
Not hitting
Not throwing Fits
Eating meals
a few others she is doing really well in most of them.

I think she has really done a great job at going to bed. I used to have to fit her forever to just go to bed. She still won't go to bed till late BUT when I tell her to lay down and go to sleep she will. I just need now to work on her going to bed earlier!! LOL

My little girl is getting back to where she was before Cassie was born( she regressed so terribly when Cassie was born).

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

3 days in panties!!

So very very proud of my bugga girl she has made it 3 days in panties!! 1 accident so far unfortunatly we had to wear a diaper to poop because she was scared to poop in the potty and then wear one to bed those nights but other than that PANTIES!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY we are on the path to being fully trained!!Here I was worried, preschool here Shaylee comes(well in January!!!)!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Field Day at school

Grandma's school had a field day the other day and we were able to go and Shaylee had a blast!

Memorial Day

My parents have a huge yard and a nice deck and pool in the back of the house so that's where we do all of our cookouts. We enjoyed the weather even though the big pool was still green. Ate hot dogs and hamburgers with all the fixings. Shaylee played with her outdoor kitchen and sandbox. Cassie just liked watching everything from her highchair and LOVED the baby pool.

My morning routine

First off Steve is a night owl and since he has no job yet we have decided I would take Shaylee up to bed and go to bed myself in the evening while he stays up with the baby. He brings the baby up around 3am after she eats her last feeding of the night. I then wake up with her when she wakes up to eat again which usually is between 8-9am. We head downstairs and we have playtime on the floor before our morning bottle and then I clean up around the place till Shaylee gets up usually around 9ish. We let daddy sleep in since he is the one that stays up late. It works for us so we stick with it. Once we get jobs it will change and we will have to find a new routine that works for us but we will find one I am sure.