My Family

My Family

Monday, July 13, 2009

YAY found a house !!

Friday July 17th we will be getting the keys to our new place !!
It's actually a duplex but around 1500 sq ft ! 3 bedrooms 2.5 baths 2 car garage !
SO excited we have been busy getting boxes and packing what we can that we don't need/use right now and cleaning so we can be ready to move in the last week of July ! With being 7 months prego and also trying to entertain a 2.5 year old it's a little harder than what it should be but we are just taking our time but yet being sure not to slack to much ! Thank goodness for DVD"s and naps !
I will post pictures when I can.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Shaylee and my pregnancy

I am sooooooooo proud of Shaylee so far she is getting to realize mama has a baby (she calls her Octopus ) she kisses my belly , she tells us she wants to hold her baby sister , she tells us that she wants to go to the doctors to go get her baby sister!
We do have the occasional fits where she will NOT listen to us at all and we think she is also realizing that things are going to change. We already talked about trying to go to her favorite place Indiana Beach before Oct. if we get the chance since we have soooooo much going on right now. I want her know that we still love her very much and even though things will change it will be all worth it ! She will have a sister to grow up with !

We are also moving in the next month and I am wondering how that will go .......who will go through it better the cat or Shaylee !!??