My Family

My Family

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Going off progesterone

As of Friday I will be 13 weeks YAY !!! I will be offically DONE with my progesterone. I am excited and alittle nervous for which I pray that my levels will stay stable and I can go on to finish my rest of my pregnancy with no problems. Keep us in your prayers!

I am thinking that my family won't throw me another shower since they all don't believe in more than one shower. I am just worried that if I have a boy we will have to get ALOT of new things speaking that ALOT of baby gear and clothes are GIRLS colors!!!!!!! That's going to be a weekend full going through all 8 HUGE containers of Shaylee's clothes and pick out all the things the new baby can wear. I have saved ALL Shaylee's clothes from the time she was born. I can't help it . I will probably keep the most special clothes items if this baby is a boy and trade in the other clothes to get boy stuff.

Don't ask me about what I want ................... I have NO CLUE !

A boy because we have more girls than boys in our family and I know Steve wants a boy .
A girl since Shaylee is a girl .
A girl because we have more girl stuff
A girl becasue we have a girl already and we know what to expect
A boy so I can one of each sex
A boy because we can't pick out a girls name we both can agree on

Hell I don't know I am just blessed and happy that this baby is sticking and healthy so far !!

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