My Family

My Family

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Shaylee will be 3 soon !

WOW I can't believe my little girl is going to be 3 soon !!!! 16 days ! Her first 2 years went so fast ! Where did it go !? She has always been such a smart, happy, energetic little girl . She had her little issues nothing major . She has sleep issues from birth it is going better more and more but still a work in progress. She isn't potty trained yet but shows alot of signs of being ready just hasn't been able to pee pee on the potty yet. I am sitting here trying to type and Shaylee is buggin the living day lights out of me !! Since Cassie was born Shaylee has become WAY needy and I know it's just her way of coping with Cassie by here but it can get overwhelming when she gets in her phase of neediness. I love her she's the funniest , sweetest , prettiest little girl you will ever meet but so stressful at times and I know it will get better as Cassie gets older so that Shaylee and Cassie can interact more and more . Also when she turns 4 she gets to go into preschool which we opted to not to put her in at 3 just because of all the changes we thought it would be best to wait. Then also we would like to put her in gymnastics at 4 as well .

For her birthday we are doing a Tinkerbell theme it went back and forth from Tink to Gabba then settled for Tink since Tink is more of her favorite anyway. We are doing pizza , cheesy bread, chips , pop and cake with just my parents , sister and 2 great grandma's .

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