My Family

My Family

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hodge podge of things

Well it's about a week away from Shaylee's first day of pre school!!
Cassie will be 11 months old on the 24th.
I found the bakery that I want the cake made for Cassie's birthday.
I took back my old job that hated and worked 2 days (training) and realized just why I hated it and left after I got "approval" from my mom yes I know lame but I wanted my mom's ok. I almost got a job I had been layed off from 8 years ago but they told me they won't rehire any layoffs from 02 for some reason.Now I am waiting to hear from 2 place I have apps in for ( a leasing agent, customer service rep) Steve is looking into getting a CDL so he can apply to some driving jobs that pay almost as good as what he used to make.
We found a rental house we LOVED but of course it's already been looked at and possibly rented and then I didn't get that job so it's for the best.
So even though we are still both unemployed we are still going to the pumpkin patch and pay the $18 for admission. We need a break from this stress for a day.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

1 year pictures booked!

Thank you to Landra Brown she will be doing Cassie's one year pic's in Oct. (22) and some with both girls. I am sooooooooooooooo excited and blessed to be able to be getting them done because of Landra. I owe her big time!

Shaylee quotes random

Mama don't pee you have panties on!!

EWW what smells like butt ( as we are walking past a fancy outdoor resturant!)

My feet are sick I can't walk so carry me.

Don't puke mama you're a lady!


Shaylee is offically enrolled into pre school she starts Oct.5th!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG where did that time go. She will be in the morning class. So excited for her and nervous for me. It will be good for all of us. She has a Princess and the Frog backpack, getting shoes soon( she wants Kelly shoes but she's getting Sketchers).

Family dinner

A cousin and her family came to visit home since they live in Washington state. I was wondering about how Shaylee would do with 2 boys. Jasper (4) and Jack (7) were ADORABLE boys who were all over the place and you know waht Shaylee held her own playing with them!! It was great. Shaylee was mad that they had to leave and go.


So one weekend we were sooooooooooo bad it was Labor day weekend that's right we went ALL over the place to little parks. It was fun we went to Delphi, Logansport, Camden and a few here in Lafayette our favorite by far is the one in Camden. We also found a PERFECT house for sale that of course we can't buy right now figures.... anyway. Shaylee had a blast and well we all did.


Wow I don't have time to get into detail but this is so when I do have time I will remember everything I need to update!