My Family

My Family

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I am so mean!

I can NOT wait till Steve goes back to school!!!!!!!! I love him, I love that he is a great daddy but he's with us 24/7 he will not ever leave since losing his job over a year ago. I only get away from him when I have to grocery shop, take Shaylee to school or go over to my parents. That's a few times a week and no more than a few hours. We are just together too much and it's NOT healthy. We need time away from each other more than a few hours a week we are getting on each others last nerves. Also he was doing great the first 8 months of being unemployed he stayed off his stupid WOW game and we did stuff as a family. Yes it was spring and summer time and we could do more. Now he has picked up playing it again since around Oct.?? So now he's not listening to anything I talk about/ask him. He ignores the girls it's just getting old. I like it when he didn't play that stupid dang game!!!!! It's EVIL!! seriously!
He goes in to Ivy Tech to talk to them about going back to school and filing out papers and crap. I think he can start school summer/fall depending on how fast the paper work/grants go through. That means alot of changes and NO MORE WOW GAME!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!
It will be hard to get used to him not being around because he will help around the house some. Shaylee is going to be a wreck when he is gone all day! We can get through it I am sure.

Friday, December 10, 2010


Since starting pre school Shaylee has taken to making stuff so I went to the Dollar Tree and spent $8 on craft supplies from google eyes to pipe cleaners. We have made a brown paper bag reindeer puppet, snow men, Christmas tree, North Pole sign and a few other things. She LOVES making stuff!

Sunday, November 28, 2010


We were not able to do what we had planned over the Thanksgiving so we are going to work on it tomorrow.
We are cleaning and moving out stuff from the office that we never use anymore since we have laptops and make into Cassie's room. That means getting rid of ALOT of stuff . Goodwill pile, Matrix pile and Once Upon A Child pile. Also I had cleaned out our pantry and we are donating some boxed and can foods. We might be struggling but I am sure more families are struggling more than us. It's not alot (canned chili,cereal we won't eat, instant potatoes we don't like) it's something more than some might have.
I am not ready for this milestone which should have happened months ago. Shaylee was 9 months when we put her in her own room,Cassie is 13 months. With the rooms being small the girls can't share a room yet plus I don't think Shaylee is ready to share a room with her sister they would be waking each other up all the time!!
It's not going to be the best room right now since we can't paint but I try and make it nice for her frame a picture of her and Shaylee and hang it up. Shaylee has a picture of her and I when she was a baby. Then hang the name thing my mom bought for her and then those wall stickers that you can buy. Shaylee has Dora ones, I am sure they have something for Cassie's room. I will post pictures when we get it done.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Missing the old days..

Home from my parents house after Thanksgiving dinner. It was a nice dinner and fun seeing the girls play at grandma's and papaw's house UNTIL Logan started her crap with me. We almost made it the entire night without fighting so close 45 minutes more and we would have had 1 full night of not fighting. No she had to tell me I couldn't take the movies I bought myself and left at home when I moved out because she was only 6 so I left them for her then take them back when she got older. She ALWAYS is the one that starts crap between us ALWAYS.
I miss when we got along and she didn't want Steve and I to leave, she would want to hang out with us and play games with her. I loved that! We got along so well back then we would talk about all kinds of stuff she was my best friend even though she was just a little kid! I miss that. Now she thinks I am stupid, she hates my kids because they are kids and she hates Steve now for no unknown reason. It's so stupid she's so immature. She gets away with murder, she gets everything she wants because my parents can't say no to her they can't even tell her to treat my kids thier grandkids with respect. She won't get a job she won't get her license. I just wish I had a real relationship with her. I can't honestly say that I like her I don't I can't not the way she treats me and my family even though she is my sister. It's really sad. Maybe once she grows up and matures we can be better friends and better sisters........

Monday, November 22, 2010

Cassie gets her own room!

After 13 months Cassie will have her own room soon! We are tackling the office and cleaning it out to make it into her room. We never use the office and she needs her own room. Shaylee had her own room at 9 months so it's time. We agree that they are not old enough to share a room. I will post pictures soon!

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Cornflower Blue Snowflake Christmas
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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Going back to school

Steve that is!!!!
He is sick of looking for a job and either getting told not enough experience or just never being called for an interview. He didn't make the cut off for school last year and he wasn't sure about then either. Now he is ready to go back and is excited. Diesel mechanic he knows about vehicles and has worked on them all his life so it will not be hard for him at all. What WILL be hard is not being with him the way we are with him currently. Especially once he gets a job after school they can work 15 hour days!! He didn't work that much at SIA!!!! We will learn a new routine and it will be good for all of us we NEED this!! It is hard to be around each other ALL the time and still have a good relationship. We don't fight all the time but the stress can get to us both some days. The money is great and the work isnt' as hard on him physically so that's a major plus. I can't wait I am so excited for him and already so proud of him. So ready for him to be back to work and getting us back stable financially!!

Sickness sickness sickness!

It figures not even a full month into preschool and Shaylee gets a sinus infection that leads her to get on amoxicllian! Goes away 10 days later 2 days healthy then gets another sinus infection!! Also Cassie got it as well and on meds!!Crazy how when kids start school they get so sick!! Shaylee has NEVER gotten sick until starting school so it's crazy.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Cassie's birthday weekend!

Thursday the 21st we went to the Boo at the Zoo with my parents. Even though it was cold and packed we had fun! The girls were a Spider(S) and a Pumpkin(C). They did a costume contest. Shaylee did a face painting, pictures taken with a chinchilla, a few games,looked at the animals. It was really fun bummed we couldn't ride the train but it was an hour wait when we got to the zoo and then it was a 2 hour wait when we left and it only had 45 minutes before it closed so we wouldn't have been able to ride.

Friday the 22nd we had family/1 year pictures. Landra Brown Dimmich who I went to school with did the pictures. She understood our finanical problems and offered to take them for only gas money ( I want to repay her though as soon as we can because the pictures came out beautiful!) We started out at my parents and worked our way to Happy Hollow. Both girls did awesome and Steve even was fine with a few family pictures since we have never had any done!!! It was great day.Here are just a few of the tons that we got. It was about a 3.5 hour shoot!

Her party was on Saturday. Grandma,Papaw, auntie Logan,GG and great grandma Ginny came to celebrate. She got a lot of books, a plate, bowl, socks, and a few sweaters. Her cake was an owl cupcake cake from Mamaw's Sweet Shoppe here in Lafayette. We had pizza,salad, chips and cheese bread. She didn't know what to do with the cake!!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Oct 16

My Cassie Roll was due 1 year ago today but she was stubborn that she didn't want to come into our family just yet. It's so odd thinking back to that day........... it seems like yesterday.


Oct. is not only breast cancer awareness month it is also pregnancy and infant loss as well.

Those that know me know I have lost 3 babies due to miscarriage. 06/07/08 yep 3 one each year. 1 before Shaylee 2 before Cassie. I might not talk about it alot but I think it's because it's hard for me and I don't like to bring it up because it saddens me so much because each were very hard. That doesn't mean that they were not wanted or that I don't love them. God KNOWS how much I wanted ALL my babies. God choose to take the babies he thought would be better in heaven they needed to stay with him. He Blessed us with 2 BEAUTIFUL girls to stay with us on Earth.

Please take time to say a prayer for all my babies and others that have lost. I have a link to Cora's story it's a beautiful blog.

My Wish List

New(er) van *
House in the country or atleast outside of Lafayette*
New clothes for me*
Weekend trip to Indy for the museum and zoo*
A ton of movies/books
Misc. house stuff
New laptop

Friday, October 15, 2010

Last/next few weeks

Shaylee has been in pre school since Oct. 5th and has LOVED every second of it. She is so proud when she comes home to show off and tell us what she did in school that day. We always look forward to that time of day. She is one of the best students which really surprises me since she NEVER listens to us!!LOL She has learned so much in such that little time she has been going.
I am not used to having 2 hours twice a week without Shaylee so I am still figuring out how to "waste" that time. I either come home and clean if Steve and Cassie are still sleeping, read, play on the computer, go to the library, go back to bed or just do nothing!!

I have also spent MANY hours lately thinking that since it's close to the holidays filling out applications for seasonal jobs. 12 to be exact and I have been told by 2 that I am OVER qualified for them ....sure..... also been called back 3 times for one but yet have been hired. Feeling useless other than my mommy skills in the world.

Steve decided to go for his chauffeur licence's so that he can open up some more job possibilities to him, if that doesn't work out by spring he is going back to school since he missed the deadline early this year for diesel mechanic.

We had school pictures done, Exploration Acres to the corn maze/pumpkin patch one weekend with the girls, we also went on a double date with Logan(sister) and Erik her boyfriend. Yep never thought I would say that in my life time since she's 17 and I am 30 and she wanted nothing to do with guys or the thought of dating/marriage etc.. Last night my parents and sister went to go see "our boys" Score 24 in concert. It was a blast. Great seeing them such adorable guys!!

So coming up in the next few we have Boo at the Zoo ( I won 4 tickets today for it!!!!) we can't wait to take Shaylee again since we haven't been since she was 18 months. My parents are hopefully going with us. Shaylee a spider 2 times in a row and this will be the last year for it since it's too short almost. Cassie a pumpkin which is adorable and will fit next year as well. Then Cassie's 1 year pictures by Landra Brown Dimmick who I went to school with and was friends with. She is AWESOME!! What a great person seriously I owe her ALOT. I want to get a few of the girls together and one family picture together as well but mostly Cassie since it's HER day!!
Then the next day her party she's ONE OMG she is going to be ONE!!!! I have a great bakery doing her cake (owl shaped cupcake cake) , pizza , cheese bread, salad, chips it's gonna be great!
We didn't get her much but we were able to get a good deal on a LeapFrog puppy that says her name, colors,etc. I think she'll like it and a dvd. She's one she doesnt need alot. Christmas hopefully we will have jobs and I can get a little more for her.

I stress, get paranoid, feel bad about myself, don't sleep much but in all honesty I can't say I would change alot expect having a job. I love my family I know stress,etc comes with parenting and I understand that completely and I welcome that because I WANT my kids I want EVERYTHING that comes with my kids.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hodge podge of things

Well it's about a week away from Shaylee's first day of pre school!!
Cassie will be 11 months old on the 24th.
I found the bakery that I want the cake made for Cassie's birthday.
I took back my old job that hated and worked 2 days (training) and realized just why I hated it and left after I got "approval" from my mom yes I know lame but I wanted my mom's ok. I almost got a job I had been layed off from 8 years ago but they told me they won't rehire any layoffs from 02 for some reason.Now I am waiting to hear from 2 place I have apps in for ( a leasing agent, customer service rep) Steve is looking into getting a CDL so he can apply to some driving jobs that pay almost as good as what he used to make.
We found a rental house we LOVED but of course it's already been looked at and possibly rented and then I didn't get that job so it's for the best.
So even though we are still both unemployed we are still going to the pumpkin patch and pay the $18 for admission. We need a break from this stress for a day.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

1 year pictures booked!

Thank you to Landra Brown she will be doing Cassie's one year pic's in Oct. (22) and some with both girls. I am sooooooooooooooo excited and blessed to be able to be getting them done because of Landra. I owe her big time!

Shaylee quotes random

Mama don't pee you have panties on!!

EWW what smells like butt ( as we are walking past a fancy outdoor resturant!)

My feet are sick I can't walk so carry me.

Don't puke mama you're a lady!


Shaylee is offically enrolled into pre school she starts Oct.5th!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG where did that time go. She will be in the morning class. So excited for her and nervous for me. It will be good for all of us. She has a Princess and the Frog backpack, getting shoes soon( she wants Kelly shoes but she's getting Sketchers).

Family dinner

A cousin and her family came to visit home since they live in Washington state. I was wondering about how Shaylee would do with 2 boys. Jasper (4) and Jack (7) were ADORABLE boys who were all over the place and you know waht Shaylee held her own playing with them!! It was great. Shaylee was mad that they had to leave and go.


So one weekend we were sooooooooooo bad it was Labor day weekend that's right we went ALL over the place to little parks. It was fun we went to Delphi, Logansport, Camden and a few here in Lafayette our favorite by far is the one in Camden. We also found a PERFECT house for sale that of course we can't buy right now figures.... anyway. Shaylee had a blast and well we all did.


Wow I don't have time to get into detail but this is so when I do have time I will remember everything I need to update!


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

10 months!!!!!!!!!!

Indiana Beach 2010

Cassie' first trip and Shaylee's 3rd!!

Both girls did great. We arrived at 11am and then left at 3pm. It was all about Shaylee, got her a POP wristband for $10 and she rode EVERY kiddy ride atleast 2 times or more depending on how much she liked it. Her favorites were the motorcycles and the antique cars. She was actually asking to ride the Hoosier Hurricane!!! She was tall enough to ride but we decided to wait for the adult rides till next summer since she is tall enough now to ride with an adult. I can't believe that!!! Crazy how tall she is at almost 4 years old. She's such awesome little girl. Cassie loved just watching everything around her.I have ton more pictures!
We plan on going back next week before they close for the season!! We only spent $22($10 for the POP and then $12 on food and a few games)

New job!

I finally got a job. Ok it's not much Tues and Thurs 2:45-5:45 but it's a JOB! Steve of course was upset that it is only 2 days a week and 6 hours total a week but it's something right??? he is still looking and it's driving him crazy. I know something has got to open up soon for him or else I am going to have to try and get another part time job if he can't.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Indiana State Fair

That time of year has came around. My parents invited me to come with them to the state fair to see Rick Springfield Aug. 12th. I have never been and so I decided I would go since it won't be a few years till we take the girls (we agree that they won't really enjoy it till they are older) plus it was HOT most likely 100 with the heat index we were at the fair from noon till 10pm and we will never go for that long again! We had sweat dripping off of us and we were burning ( I didnt put enough sun screen on) we had fun riding rides though. I got the girls little gifts. The concert was great for a 61 year old and he also was in great shape for a 61 year old!! CRAZY how middle ages women can be crazier than teenage girls at a concert!! LOL

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Walking in the evenings

We have decided that we would walk if possible after dinner each night. We both want to lose some weight and get exercise. We have been with it a week today so far. I have more energy and feel overall better. Have yet to see a change in weight but it will come. We walk about 3-4 miles each night. The girls really enjoy it walking around and enjoying the weather. I could probably walk more most nights but because of the girls we only do the 3-4 miles.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Garage Sales

Well the last few weeks we have decided to go to garage sales we already have been going to Goodwill the last few months to get clothes and whatever else we find that we could use since money is tight.

So far we have gotten some nice stuff.

Little People Farm $2
Little People Ferris Wheel $2
Little People Roller Coaster $2
A HUGE stuffed Sully from Monsters INC. $2
About 5 body suits for Cassie $5 for all 5
Play vaccum for $2

Garage Sale
Snow White Doll $1
Blanket Carebears $1.50
About 3-4 all 25 cents each
3-4 outfits for Cassie 50 cents each
Outfit for Shaylee 50 cents
Kids 3 dic Cd,train track w/ train, plush purse for Cassie all for $2.50 ( the train alone brand new goes for $15 and the cd goes for $10!)
BRAND new box of bottle liners, 3 sleepers for Cassie (Cassie needs more of certain outfits!)all for $2.75 ( a box of liners brand new $8!!!!)
6 books for $1
Double sided easle for $5 (brand new goes for $35!)
cookbook .50 cents
Carebear .50 cents
About 5 misc. teething toys for $2
I am sure I am forgetting some items that we have came about the last few months.

We will continue to go when we can because it's a great way to get some items really cheap!!

I am right now though really looking for swim suits for next year, and outdoor play items.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cassie's 9 month stats

Cassie went for her 9 month check up yesterday.

20 lbs 12 oz (she lost about a pound since 6 month check up)

29 1/2 inches ( she was 27 even at 6 months)
Perfectly healthy!!=)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Themes for Cassie's 1st birthday and Shay's 4th

I have a few idea's for her first birthday. I found an owl theme Look Whooo's Turning 1 and then found an Owl cake off the parenting site. might not do the cake I was more thinking of getting a owl shaped cupcake cake instead.

Then Shaylee wants to have a Barbie cake the kind that has a real barbie and then a cake that is the dress. Then do barbie pink plates and plastic wear.

My babies are growing up so fast!!

Shaylee's Good Noodle Chart

We just ended the first month of her Good Noodle Chart. She earned $16 with all the stickers she got. She did great with going on the potty, getting dressed, eating meals. She needs to work on listening better, picking up, and not hitting. We will continue to do the chart each month. We have yet to have her pick out her reward but when she does I will post pictures.

Barbie $3.99
My Little Pony $4.99
Little People Firetruck $4.99

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


My sister talked my parents into having this up and coming band Score TwentyFour to come play at the house July 18th. She had to work to earn the money and she did.

I didn't know much about them at first but I started to listen to them, add them as FB friends, etc. Now I still don't know all the words to the songs but I do know them personally. Rob,Paul, Ryan, Tom, Joey and Erica(they have a Merch girl).

They got to mom and dads house and we all talked for awhile because they had 3 hours to visit with us. They were super nice and very down to earth. We all got along great. Erica was such an adoreable girl I want to adopt her!! They ages are 17-23. I can't even describe how fun and awesome it was to listen to them live and then be able to talk to them personally. My entire family fell in love with them! We want them to come back in October if they can and next summer we don't even care if they don't sing we just want to visit with them.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Oh how I hate waiting especially when it could possibly be the best thing that has happened to us in awhile.
It is stressing both Steve and I out that we are pickering at each other and driving each other crazy. He needs to get away from us for longer than just a few hours a week, it will be great for all of us. I pray so much for everything to work out for us. So many great signs have happened in the last week but we won't feel complete unstressed till we find out for sure.

Friday, June 25, 2010


So some might not know I can be a messy person, not dirty just messy at times. My mom was a female Danny Tanner as I called her growing up because she was a clean freak. I think that's why I am messy because I was sick of having to clean all the time living at home. Once I started having kids it changed it bugs me now when the house gets messy, I am in no means a female Danny Tanner I just don't like clutter at all! Once Steve lost his job back in July 09 he hated when I would start to clean "sit down relax clean later" he would say , it bugs me that he gets mad when I start cleaning up. I can't wait till he gets a job so I can get back to my old routine when he did work. It worked great Shaylee did great with it also.
Old routine
9am get up get Shaylee up
Morning tv time while fixing breakfast
playtime while I clean up after breakfast
Mommy/Shaylee time till lunch
mommy time usually clean
Steve came home around the time Shaylee would wake up from her nap and have daddy time while I fixed dinner after dinner family time till bedtime.

I hope to get back to that routine someday.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Spending the night w/ grandma

The other day my parents had a family friend over for dinner and to see the girls since it's been awhile since she seen Shaylee and she wanted to meet Cassie. Shaylee had a blast playing outside like usual. The time came where it was time to go home because everyone was getting grumpy because they were tired but Shaylee wouldn't leave she cried, kicked and screamed till grandma caved at let her stay the night even though she would be busy the next day. So I had only one daughter at home and she is easy to handle so I could do whatever when I got home. What did I do at home I went to bed!!!! LOL I was bored without Shaylee. Here we were talking about how it would be nice to have a few hours without Shaylee one night and we did get that and then I get bored!!! Too funny.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Pool pictures

First time in the pool 2010

We finally got to go in grandma and papaw's pool last weekend. It was Cassie's first time EVER and she LOVED it, smiled and splashed the entire time. Shaylee's millionth time in the pool. They both love the water but Shaylee has gotten scared to float by herself becasue of lessons last year when they made her go under, so now she has to have someone hold her. I really don't know why going under would have her react the way she does because before that happened she LOVED just floating around without anyone having to hold her..... We are working on getting her used to doing that again. She still loved to be in the water so that is good atleast!!!

Potty Training and her GOOD NOODLE Chart

Shaylee has been doing AWESOME with potty training. She only wears diapers when she has to poop( early in the morning) and then at bedtime. She has only had 3 THREE accidents since starting to wear panties and those were only because she got to into her play at grandma's house!! She has came so far with training it is just so awesome how fast she has learned and succeeded. We still have to work on the pooping and night time training but she is 100% day trained.

So we started about a month ago a GOOD NOODLE chart for her to help her with certain things.
Such as-
Going peepee on the potty
Cleaning up after herself
Not hitting
Not throwing Fits
Eating meals
a few others she is doing really well in most of them.

I think she has really done a great job at going to bed. I used to have to fit her forever to just go to bed. She still won't go to bed till late BUT when I tell her to lay down and go to sleep she will. I just need now to work on her going to bed earlier!! LOL

My little girl is getting back to where she was before Cassie was born( she regressed so terribly when Cassie was born).

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

3 days in panties!!

So very very proud of my bugga girl she has made it 3 days in panties!! 1 accident so far unfortunatly we had to wear a diaper to poop because she was scared to poop in the potty and then wear one to bed those nights but other than that PANTIES!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY we are on the path to being fully trained!!Here I was worried, preschool here Shaylee comes(well in January!!!)!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Field Day at school

Grandma's school had a field day the other day and we were able to go and Shaylee had a blast!