My Family

My Family

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Going from a SAHM to a Working mom

I have always had respect for working moms even though I have never experianced being a working mom till now and lets just say I have an even higher respect for those moms that work and come how to care for family. It's hard! I come home at 6p, cook, eat, clean up, baths, and before I know it it's time for me to go to bed! I have no problem working it's the getting up at 6:45 a that I am having issues with getting used to !!LOL

Cassie is 18 months!

Cassie turned 18 months on Easter this year.

She is blossoming into such the toddler!!!! With her therapy she has to be in a walker but she loves being in it and she will stand and walk all over it's wonderful!!She's talking and learning no words all the time and getting such a personality!!

As of 2 weeks ago she is 29.5 oz and she goes in Tues. for her WCC.

I know I can't compare my kids but it's so funny because Shaylee walked at 12 months, hit 35 lb at 18 months and had to be forward facing. Cassie isn't walking yet at 18 months and she isn't close to hitting 35 lbs. She will make it to 2 I bet rear facing which will be so awesome!

Shaylee is still harnessed at 4.5 and I hope that she will make as close to 6 harnessed as she can.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Tell me your favorite quote!

  • I have a few Shaylee quotes -

  • No nope I don't think so

  • It's not on my to do list

  • I poop families so many other Shaylee quotes I love!!!!

  • All because two people fell in love.

  • Always kiss your children goodnight even if they are asleep.

  • Every good and perfect gift comes from above.

  • Movie quotes I have so many I can't put them all down but here's a few !-

  • No but I ate a brownie once - Without a Paddle

  • Billy's dead and he still has a better chance of getting laid than I do. - Without a Paddle

  • How do you like me now fish, what you can't hear me because you don't have ears, because you don't have a head because I cut it off! - Without a Paddle

  • No more yankie my wankie - Sixteen Candles

  • She's gone, she gave me a pen, she broke my heart , she gave me a pen - Say Anything

  • I don't want to sell anything,buy anything,or process anything as a career,I don't want to sell anything bought or processed,or buy anything bought or processed, or process anything sold,bought or processed, or repair anything bought, sold or processed. You know as a career , I don't want to do that. - Say Anything

So many other movies that have great quotes!! Super Troopers, Clueless, Taladaga Nights, a ton of great other movie quotes but dont have time to list.

I want to know your favorite quotes no matter if it's a movie , life or whatever quote!!

Why is she always sick!?

I always ask myself how can she always be sick? She was NEVER not even with a cold sick before starting school at 3.5 years old. Now she's sick all the time when she is in school but during breaks she is fine and healthy then when back to school bam sick again. I know it's good for her now to build up a immune but it's getting tiring how sick she gets. Is it mold in the school, is it something in our house ( it couldn't be because during school breaks we are always home so she would be sick during breaks as well but she isn't) I don't know if it's just allergies i just don't know what it could be.