My Family

My Family

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Finding out the sex

We had my monthly appointment yesterday and everything is perfect as can be the heartbeat is 155 .The baby is a wiggle worm because the doctor would find the HB then the baby would move within seconds and then he would have to find the HB again!! I have gained 2 pounds out of the 10 I lost during my time on progesterone. I want to work on gaining those pounds back on . I have no problem with gaining weight since it's for a good cause !! I gained 27 lbs with Shaylee altogether so I am going to try and do the same with this one. I can't wait till I start really showing ........ I am now just flabby but I am starting to get harder so hopefully soon !!!! I didn't show till late with Shaylee .

We find out the sex on May 26th !!!!!!!!!!!! Steve says BOY Shaylee says Octopus (she calls the baby that because when we showed her the ultrasound from 9 weeks she called it a Octopus !!
I am still unsure what this gummy bear is ............ not sure what sex I even want really since I have my girl .

Side note I am praying for ALL the families in ALL the states that have had cases of Swine Flu. I have very close friends in Texas (Misty , Marc and their little girl) it's VERY scary and I am a natural worrier as it is that this is getting me scared! We are limiting our outings and making sure we wash our hands as much as possible. Hopefully this all will pass and we can all move on with our lives and not be so paranoid over these scares. It makes you really wonder though.......... was this caused by illegal immigrates??

Monday, April 20, 2009

Random stuff yet again .... I love being random!

I am just over 14 weeks and my feet have already started swelling when I get hot ! I didnt get that way with Shaylee till I was about 30 weeks !!! Terrible but they do say every pregnancy is different and yes so far everything IS different but I still crave Mexican spicy food like I did with Shaylee !

Shaylee has found to new foods she can't get enough of raisins and strawberries !!!!!!! I love that she is liking healthy foods.
Usually she can't get enough of cheese, yogurt, chicken and bananas Oh and mashed potatoes ! She is picky when it comes to other foods !

Krispy Kreme is closing I worked there from 2004 to about 2006 I think!! I don't remember how long really !! I know it was after I got married and before I got pregnant with Shaylee !!

Reading the last book of the Twilight saga and about half through it since I can't read till before bed.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Gender Predictors

LOL those are such a joke !!!!!
I took like a ton of them for Shaylee and they always said boy and now I have taken a few and they say this baby will be a boy as well.
Well see time will tell (8 weeks or so till we find out the sex). Not sure which sex I want . We have a set boys name and a somewhat girls name ( I LOVE it Steve isn't sure ). If you want to know the names you have to ask me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Just random stuff

My sister who is going to be 16 got me hooked on this YouTube video Twitter Ruined My Life it's hilarious ! I watch it all the time. Might not be suitable for those you don't like bad language.

I also got a letter letting me know that my new OBGYN that I have only had just a few short months is CLOSING his practice !!!!!!! My original OBGYN also closed his practice back n Dec. so I had to go to my recent one and now he's leaving WTH !!???? So they are having all patients of my OBGYN not get a new set OBGYN we will all be seeing a DIFFERENT OBGYN each time we have an appointment !!!!!! That's crazy I was soooooooo mad I was crying I always get screwed when it comes to doctors I like my old one I had him since 2006 he delivered my daughter and he cared for me when I had my miscarriages. I also like my current one that is leaving he seems like he is really good but hey he's leaving....... stupid doctors.

Steve (hubby) starts his half day Fridays today and we were at the park for about 2 hours before we realized that we should go since it was very sunny and we didn't have any sunscreen for Shaylee who is VERY fair skinned just like mama. We need to also get her a new sun hat since we spend ALOT of time outside during warm weather.

Road construction is right by where we live and it is causing people to cut through and be idiots while cutting through they speed through here like it's the Indy 500 ! HELLO kids outside playing !! SLOW DOWN ....... I am surprised nobody has gotten hit yet.

I hate living in town . Here in the next month we are going to take a weekend and drive around and look for houses outside the city !!!!!!! I am just not a city girl never have been never will be.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Saturday (we had our early)

With all of us being so busy we decided that Saturday we would have our Easter. Since Shay is still young it didn't matter that the Easter Bunny left her a basket a day early ! She got some hair clips, stickers, tattoos (temporary ones !), a few books, a Tinkerbell doll , bath toys, coloring books and a few pieces of candy . We had a nice brunch before heading over to my parents house , I fixed french toast and Cinnamon rolls I had strawberry 's but I forgot about them till we got home later that night !

No dress this year because it was chilly and we played outside 80 % of the day so we just did play clothes which was fine with me she'll have PLENTY of times to wear dresses.

She LOVED doing egg hunts which she got MORE stickers, MORE tattoos, and money for her piggy bank (about $5 in quarters give or take) not sure what we are saving to get her but we won't spend it till we get alot more saved in her bank !

We didn't get alot of pictures just because we were to busy playing to really stop and get pictures but I did get some good ones. At least I like them !
We had a nice meal baked ham and turkey sandwich's with all the fixings (lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, jalapenos, onions, mustard, everything you could think of to put on a sandwich!) , baked beans, potatoes salad, pasta salad, chips, dip , key lime pie, banana pudding , peanut butter eggs, (ALL desserts made from scratch !) With being pregnant I ate ALOT !!!! Shaylee did good at eating as well which is usually a hard task since she is picky but we just melted cheese on the turkey and she ate a half of sandwich, and a few chips , she used to like my pasta salad I make but she didn't want it for some reason.
Today we are just staying home and relaxing since we played alot yesterday it wore me out but it was so much fun !

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Going off progesterone

As of Friday I will be 13 weeks YAY !!! I will be offically DONE with my progesterone. I am excited and alittle nervous for which I pray that my levels will stay stable and I can go on to finish my rest of my pregnancy with no problems. Keep us in your prayers!

I am thinking that my family won't throw me another shower since they all don't believe in more than one shower. I am just worried that if I have a boy we will have to get ALOT of new things speaking that ALOT of baby gear and clothes are GIRLS colors!!!!!!! That's going to be a weekend full going through all 8 HUGE containers of Shaylee's clothes and pick out all the things the new baby can wear. I have saved ALL Shaylee's clothes from the time she was born. I can't help it . I will probably keep the most special clothes items if this baby is a boy and trade in the other clothes to get boy stuff.

Don't ask me about what I want ................... I have NO CLUE !

A boy because we have more girls than boys in our family and I know Steve wants a boy .
A girl since Shaylee is a girl .
A girl because we have more girl stuff
A girl becasue we have a girl already and we know what to expect
A boy so I can one of each sex
A boy because we can't pick out a girls name we both can agree on

Hell I don't know I am just blessed and happy that this baby is sticking and healthy so far !!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Doctors appointment

Baby Gummy Bear (looks like one right now !) @ 9 weeks !!! Healthy as can be !

As of today I am 12 weeks ! YAY I have made it this far and I am VERY BLESSED and relived !

My last appointment got to hear the heartbeat which was STRONG and so beautiful . Everything still sounds and looks perfect.

I am starting to show but I do not have any good belly pictures yet.

A week from today I can get off my progesterone since my levels are where they are suppose to be and so I can stop taking them. YAY thank goodness they make me double sick ! I haven't really been able to enjoy this pregnancy completely yet .

We got a book of stages the baby will go through and Shaylee says that the baby looks like a octopus right now !! LOL how cute !

Also we are enrolled to take a class in Sept to prepare Shaylee for the new baby . It will be at the hospital and she will get to see the room I will be in and the nursery and we will get other tips and other info to get her adjusted to the new baby.