My Family

My Family

Friday, December 4, 2009

Cassie's first month and Thanksgiving

Cassie turn a month old the 24th of Nov. she was unable to get her checkup because her insurance hadn't gone through yet so we had to wait till the 3rd of Dec.
She is now 12 lbs 4 oz not sure of the height since the nurse was rude and didn't want to measure her correctly after first measuring her at only 21 inches ( Cassie was 22 1/2 inches at birth so how could she have shrunk !? She got all huffy and told me that she would just put down she was 22 1/2 since that's what she was at birth . I figured she was already being rude I wasn't going to ask her again to measure her because I KNOW Cassie is longer than 22 1/2 now . Other than that she is perfect .

Thanksgiving so good started out like any other holiday till the end of the time we were thier . My sister who is 16 decided to be a pain in the A** and start to complain about everything mostly about the girls and how they needed to leave and never come back . Cussing even about how much she hated them . I was VERY close to b*tch slapping her really and those that know me know it takes ALOT to make me want to hurt someone. My sister just has been acting terrible since Cassie was born . I don't care if she thinks that they are taking away attention from her that does NOT give her the right to act and treat my girls my LITTLE girls the way she does. The thing is Shaylee LOVES her Auntie Logan to death and she doens't understand that Logan hates her Shaylee just thinks she is playing around.

Christmas hopefully will be better maybe since it will be at our house this year Logan might be more behaved ??? who knows I can only pray she is better than what she was at Thanksgiving.

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