My Family

My Family

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

All kinds of milestones!!!!

Tomorrow is Shaylee's PreK spring program,Cassie will be 3 years old 6 months from yesterday, May 9 is open house for kindergarten, May 21 is PreK graduation, May 29 is field day, June 29 I will have been together with Steve 13 years June 30 I will have been married 10 years. July 1 Josie will be 11. These next few months hold a lot of important milestones. The time is flying yet I feel like some days drag by.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Been Awhile

I already posted about Shaylee's new milestones coming up.

I am so ready for her to get out of private school ( no offence to those that have kids in private schools) they just aren't for us. We have many issues about the school.

She will be going to a public county school. The same district I went to so that's good. I have already been to the school for roundup (they didn't want kids unless need be). I am so excited the teachers talked a few minutes and I can't see a problem with any of them right now. Shaylee has seen the playground and LOVES it and can't wait to play on it. her current school has no playground at all really what they have is a blacktop and a few broken playground toys.

Shaylee's nearing more milestones

Shaylee is growing up so fast it's not even funny I get sad and excited at the same time just thinking aobut it.

Monday was Shaylee's graduation pictures for preK
April 26 is Spring Program
May 9 is Open House at her new school for Kindergarten
May 21 is preK graduation and last day
May 29 is Field Day

Wow not to mention every day stuff going on from now until then. It's going to go by fast as the entire school year went by so fast.

Then over the summer we are praying that Steve gets full time at his job so we can move ahead on our building a house. I also plan to work more during the summer as well to bring in more money (extra money will never hurt) we are slowly getting back to a decent lifestyle again. We are also looking into going to church.