My Family

My Family

Friday, June 25, 2010


So some might not know I can be a messy person, not dirty just messy at times. My mom was a female Danny Tanner as I called her growing up because she was a clean freak. I think that's why I am messy because I was sick of having to clean all the time living at home. Once I started having kids it changed it bugs me now when the house gets messy, I am in no means a female Danny Tanner I just don't like clutter at all! Once Steve lost his job back in July 09 he hated when I would start to clean "sit down relax clean later" he would say , it bugs me that he gets mad when I start cleaning up. I can't wait till he gets a job so I can get back to my old routine when he did work. It worked great Shaylee did great with it also.
Old routine
9am get up get Shaylee up
Morning tv time while fixing breakfast
playtime while I clean up after breakfast
Mommy/Shaylee time till lunch
mommy time usually clean
Steve came home around the time Shaylee would wake up from her nap and have daddy time while I fixed dinner after dinner family time till bedtime.

I hope to get back to that routine someday.

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