My Family

My Family

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Garage Sales

Well the last few weeks we have decided to go to garage sales we already have been going to Goodwill the last few months to get clothes and whatever else we find that we could use since money is tight.

So far we have gotten some nice stuff.

Little People Farm $2
Little People Ferris Wheel $2
Little People Roller Coaster $2
A HUGE stuffed Sully from Monsters INC. $2
About 5 body suits for Cassie $5 for all 5
Play vaccum for $2

Garage Sale
Snow White Doll $1
Blanket Carebears $1.50
About 3-4 all 25 cents each
3-4 outfits for Cassie 50 cents each
Outfit for Shaylee 50 cents
Kids 3 dic Cd,train track w/ train, plush purse for Cassie all for $2.50 ( the train alone brand new goes for $15 and the cd goes for $10!)
BRAND new box of bottle liners, 3 sleepers for Cassie (Cassie needs more of certain outfits!)all for $2.75 ( a box of liners brand new $8!!!!)
6 books for $1
Double sided easle for $5 (brand new goes for $35!)
cookbook .50 cents
Carebear .50 cents
About 5 misc. teething toys for $2
I am sure I am forgetting some items that we have came about the last few months.

We will continue to go when we can because it's a great way to get some items really cheap!!

I am right now though really looking for swim suits for next year, and outdoor play items.

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