My Family

My Family

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sickness sickness sickness!

It figures not even a full month into preschool and Shaylee gets a sinus infection that leads her to get on amoxicllian! Goes away 10 days later 2 days healthy then gets another sinus infection!! Also Cassie got it as well and on meds!!Crazy how when kids start school they get so sick!! Shaylee has NEVER gotten sick until starting school so it's crazy.


Misty said...

We hear that;) Grace just finished her round with that stuff. Sinus, throat & ear infection. Daycare is a breeding ground for that stuff. She's never had it before, but has been in daycare for 3 months and has been sick for 1.5 months on and off.

proudmommy said...

Yes that's such a bummer!!! daycare and school! Shaylee is in preschool and she is has been in only 3 months and she's been sick 1.5 months of it!!!