My Family

My Family

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Indiana Beach 2010

Cassie' first trip and Shaylee's 3rd!!

Both girls did great. We arrived at 11am and then left at 3pm. It was all about Shaylee, got her a POP wristband for $10 and she rode EVERY kiddy ride atleast 2 times or more depending on how much she liked it. Her favorites were the motorcycles and the antique cars. She was actually asking to ride the Hoosier Hurricane!!! She was tall enough to ride but we decided to wait for the adult rides till next summer since she is tall enough now to ride with an adult. I can't believe that!!! Crazy how tall she is at almost 4 years old. She's such awesome little girl. Cassie loved just watching everything around her.I have ton more pictures!
We plan on going back next week before they close for the season!! We only spent $22($10 for the POP and then $12 on food and a few games)

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