My Family

My Family

Friday, October 15, 2010

Last/next few weeks

Shaylee has been in pre school since Oct. 5th and has LOVED every second of it. She is so proud when she comes home to show off and tell us what she did in school that day. We always look forward to that time of day. She is one of the best students which really surprises me since she NEVER listens to us!!LOL She has learned so much in such that little time she has been going.
I am not used to having 2 hours twice a week without Shaylee so I am still figuring out how to "waste" that time. I either come home and clean if Steve and Cassie are still sleeping, read, play on the computer, go to the library, go back to bed or just do nothing!!

I have also spent MANY hours lately thinking that since it's close to the holidays filling out applications for seasonal jobs. 12 to be exact and I have been told by 2 that I am OVER qualified for them ....sure..... also been called back 3 times for one but yet have been hired. Feeling useless other than my mommy skills in the world.

Steve decided to go for his chauffeur licence's so that he can open up some more job possibilities to him, if that doesn't work out by spring he is going back to school since he missed the deadline early this year for diesel mechanic.

We had school pictures done, Exploration Acres to the corn maze/pumpkin patch one weekend with the girls, we also went on a double date with Logan(sister) and Erik her boyfriend. Yep never thought I would say that in my life time since she's 17 and I am 30 and she wanted nothing to do with guys or the thought of dating/marriage etc.. Last night my parents and sister went to go see "our boys" Score 24 in concert. It was a blast. Great seeing them such adorable guys!!

So coming up in the next few we have Boo at the Zoo ( I won 4 tickets today for it!!!!) we can't wait to take Shaylee again since we haven't been since she was 18 months. My parents are hopefully going with us. Shaylee a spider 2 times in a row and this will be the last year for it since it's too short almost. Cassie a pumpkin which is adorable and will fit next year as well. Then Cassie's 1 year pictures by Landra Brown Dimmick who I went to school with and was friends with. She is AWESOME!! What a great person seriously I owe her ALOT. I want to get a few of the girls together and one family picture together as well but mostly Cassie since it's HER day!!
Then the next day her party she's ONE OMG she is going to be ONE!!!! I have a great bakery doing her cake (owl shaped cupcake cake) , pizza , cheese bread, salad, chips it's gonna be great!
We didn't get her much but we were able to get a good deal on a LeapFrog puppy that says her name, colors,etc. I think she'll like it and a dvd. She's one she doesnt need alot. Christmas hopefully we will have jobs and I can get a little more for her.

I stress, get paranoid, feel bad about myself, don't sleep much but in all honesty I can't say I would change alot expect having a job. I love my family I know stress,etc comes with parenting and I understand that completely and I welcome that because I WANT my kids I want EVERYTHING that comes with my kids.

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