My Family

My Family

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Oct. is not only breast cancer awareness month it is also pregnancy and infant loss as well.

Those that know me know I have lost 3 babies due to miscarriage. 06/07/08 yep 3 one each year. 1 before Shaylee 2 before Cassie. I might not talk about it alot but I think it's because it's hard for me and I don't like to bring it up because it saddens me so much because each were very hard. That doesn't mean that they were not wanted or that I don't love them. God KNOWS how much I wanted ALL my babies. God choose to take the babies he thought would be better in heaven they needed to stay with him. He Blessed us with 2 BEAUTIFUL girls to stay with us on Earth.

Please take time to say a prayer for all my babies and others that have lost. I have a link to Cora's story it's a beautiful blog.

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