My Family

My Family

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A little over 12 days till she's 4!

Shaylee will be 4 on the 17th. Am I ready to have a 4 year old!!??? NO honestly I have no idea where the 4 years went it went so fast. She has grown up so much learned so much got spoiled more than I can imagine, she's the sweetest thing in the world but at the same has gotten more independent that leads her to get into more trouble as well!! She still needs to learn to not be so darn loud when Cassie is napping talking and playing is fine she can sleep through normal noises but when you go around screaming like a crazy woman the baby is going to wake up. She loves school and is a different kid at school which surprises me. I thought for sure we would have been called to pick her up because of her inability to listen most days. She so loving to her little sister, her daddy and me.

It's also been a year since she has had a paci her "baba" which is great I never thought she would go without it she was so darned attached to it.

She's also slimmed down ALOT she doesn't have that chubby toddler face anymore she's looking more like a little girl that she has became.

I could go on and on about how much I love her that I am blessed to have even had her. She's a miracle. I bled when I was 5 weeks pregnant with her and Iwent in and saw her heart beat!! The nurse was even surprised to see the heart beating! My little strong bug.

She goes back to school for the last half of preschool tomorrow Jan.6. My mom says that the rest of the school year will fly by and it will be summer before we know it.....not sure if I am ready for summer!!

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