My Family

My Family

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Friday night dinners

A friend of mine gave me the idea to blog about how our family dinners go.

Friday night dinners are usually held at my parents currently. That's not how it started though. We never really had family night dinners till my oldest was born she's 4. They would come over to our house every Friday night since it was easier for them to come to us since we had a baby. I would cook for them. As the years went on we would take turns. During the spring and summer we would go over to my parents house and it would be on any day of the week since my mom doesn't work summers. Winter they would come back over to our house usually on Fridays since they work. This past winter they came over to our house alot since it we have more room over at our place. Steve god love him couldn't stand it much longer after about 2 months of them coming over every Friday. Those times I go over to my parents are his free time away from us. As for meals they are all over the place we have simple stuff (hot dogs/hamburgers) to the actual big meal (roast,potatoes,veggie,rolls,salad). During the winter we stay indoors of course the girls playing in the hallway (that's basically the only place they have room to play at my parents. In the summer at my parents we are in the pool or playing in the yard....ok I lie we are ALWAYS in the pool in the summer!! We barely eat when we are in the pool!!

This will all change soon since he will be starting school in May. I have yet to find a part time job in the evenings to make us some extra money while he's in school. Praying he will be able to get a work study job because not that I am lazy but I don't think we as a family can handle him in school and then me working at night while he is home watching the kids and studying! I might be wrong it could work out great. I am scared to find out..... I really shouldn't worry they will always be with one of us. I am just that worry wart kinda person. We will figure it out we always do.....


Laura said...

I wish I lived closer...I love swimming...and it's such good exercise. As far as you working, it will definitely be an adjustment, but it will all work out :)

proudmommy said...

We live in the pool in the summer! We could have pool parties if you lived closer! thanks it will work out if always does.