My Family

My Family

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

random thoughts

Sometimes I think nobody ever reads this, don't worry I don't expect everyone to comment for everything, I just feel that I am not really that interesting. I mainly have this blog as a journal but love when I know someone has taken the time to read it.

Enjoy the ride here is some random thoughts for today!!

  • Steve started learning the guitar because he FINALLY CANCELLED that stupid WOW game of his!!!YAY no more STUPID game!! He needs a new hobby and the guitar is pretty much free so why not. How am I feeling about this????........ ask me again in a few days!!
  • Steve also goes for his compass (not sure if that's how you spell it) test tomorrow it will take 3 hours. What are we going to do without him for 3 hours he has NEVER left us for 3 hours we always leave him! It's school day so Shaylee will be in school in the morning, then go pick her up have lunch all together, then when he leaves ....... really not sure what we will do most likely do our normal thing that we always do at home especially since it's suppose to be cold and snowing.
  • I am trying something new for dinner ok not new but new to how I am preparing it. I am making taco's and decided I would put in the crock pot to cook so it will be ready for when Steve gets home.
  • Cassie' s therapy will be every 2 weeks, we set a goal of 3-6 months to have her walking. I know she can do it!
  • We spent a lot of today outside love this weather......tomorrow it is back to rain and cold maybe snow for the next week.

I think that's about it for now have a great day/evening!!

ok so the spell check is messed up soooooo sorry if I misspelled anything!!!


Lori said...

I read all you stuff hun...I just don't comment much :) <3

Stacey said...

people do read. just don't always comment.

Misty said...

I read too Lesley! It's just so hard to leave a comment on these darn things. It's like doing online banking. what's your password? Now, spell this stupid scrambled word: Bodashi. Bodashi? What the heck is Bodashi? Sounds like a bad case of diaherra you get at a Japanese restaraunt. Man, I just took a Bodashi! Stupid word verification site. Then, I copy what I write because heavens knows I'm going to have to type it again 3 or 4 times because that stupid word isn't right. Anyway, that's awesome Steve's taken up guitar! Does he prefer electric or acoustic? Maybe he and I can jam sometime:) ~Marc btw, this is the 5TH time of trying to get this piece of bodashi to post!

proudmommy said...

AWW thanks guys!! I love you all! I was just rambling I know I can count on you guys to read when you can. I don't expect you guys to comment on everything!!

Marc-Thanks! you are too funny!! you made me laugh !! it's acoustic for now.