My Family

My Family

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Cassie progress

So we filled out the paperwork for therapy. They were impressed she could say so many words and how ahead she is in everything but walking! I really think she won't quailfiy because she is ahead of everything else.

New words - Please, Thank you, Window,Cookie, Milk, Chicky, Bath, Shoe those are all just the new words she has learned in the last week!!!! She knows about 5-7 more!!

She is standing more and more but still only in her pack n play she refuses to stand on the floor or against the couch. She somewhat cruises around in her pack n play.

She's just really blossomed the last week.


Misty said...

Sounds like one sharp girl! I am sure that the walking will pick up soon.

proudmommy said...

Thanks! It worries me only because of how her feet are when she stands and how she won't stand outside her pack n play.