My Family

My Family

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Shaylee & Cassie's WCC/Shaylee's dentist appointment

Shaylee is 53 pounds and 47 inches. She did all of what was asked of her to do for the evaluation. She did great a shot which I told her she wouldn't get one (bad mommy!) and she screamed for 15 min and was super grump the rest of the day.

Cassie is 28 pounds and unsure of her height because of they measured her at 30 inches that means she hasn't grown since 12 months which she has and then we forgot to get her remeasured. She is meeting all milestones except the pulling up,standing and walking. At 15 months they should be walking completely. She just started pulling up the day before the appointment and I guess that doesn't count enough so they are sending her to First Steps for therapy.She also had a shot she just didn't like being held down and then she was fine.

Shaylee last year went to a dentist that wouldn't let me go back with her and I wish I owuld have walked out right then because Shaylee went back they asked her something and she started SCREAMING bloody murder and they wouldn't let me go back!!! let's just say we haven't been back.Plus they are insurance fraud! They charged medicaid for xrays when she had NONE done!

I found a great new dentist that allowed me back , they told her step by step what they were doing. She loved it. She had her teeth cleaned, counted (10 and 10) and xrayed. I was sooooo proud of how great she did!!!!

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