My Family

My Family

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Going on 3rd week of Kindergarten!!

The first day of Kindergarten I wasn't a wreck like I thought I would be. The main worry for me was making sure she was able to find her classroom and not get lost in such a big new school. She(and mommy) made through the day just fine. She LOVES school, has a best friend (one that I get along with her mom!!), and likes her teacher. The second day of school she won an award for being responsible YAY she's never like that at home. I was afraid they got the wrong kid!!! LOL She has already learned so much. She comes home singing new songs they learned about days of the week, months etc.

Being home all day with just 1 kid is odd. I can get so much more stuff done (that is if I get my lazy butt up and do something!! ) She misses her sissy but I think she likes the alone time also.

Daddy doesn't get to see his big girl through the week since he works nights. It's been working out ok for now.

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