My Family

My Family

Monday, August 13, 2012

Day 6 Dream Job

   I always wanted to be a SAHM. I was lucky enough to be one for 3 years and then had to get a full time job but then only worked that for 6 months then went to my current part time job I only work 3 hours a day maybe 4 days a week and I am home by 10:30 in the morning and home the rest of the day! If my hubby gets laid off like rumor is going around it is then I will work full time again. Only because I know my hubby will be home with our kids. I was blessed to be home for as much as I am. I would be working full time FOR the benefit of my family.

If I would have gone to school I would have loved to have done something with animals or books or write or even music.

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