My Family

My Family

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

30 Day Blog Challenge...Jumping on the Train

A friend of mine posted her's so I thought I would do one as well. Here is the link to her's if you wanna read her's.

Day 1: List 10 Random Facts About Yourself

  1. I was basically an only child from birth till age 13 when my sister was born. Same parents just 13 years apart. I was also the only grandchild on my dad's side from birth until I was 11.
  2. I ALWAYS knew I wanted kids, I always enjoyed being with kids when growing up. I wanted 6 BEFORE I had kids now I am good with the 2 girls I have =) I do have 5 kids though 3 I miscarried and 2 that I gave birth to.
  3. I am sick of plain white walls! We rent and we can't paint or we have to paint the wall back to white I don't want to do that so I will just wait till we own our own house even if it is hard waiting.
  4. I love McD's coke! I don't drink other pop just coke from Mc'Ds. I also love OJ and tea.
  5. I can't drink water unless it is EXTREMELY ice cold!!!!
  6. I change purses all the time. I don't spend more than $20 on them so that I can have a lot to switch up.
  7. Garage sales, Private Practice, Degrassi, carseat safety, cheese,bread and mashed potatoes are my guilty pleasures.
  8. I very blessed to have found my soul mate when I did. I was 19 and got married at 22. It's been 13 years together, 10 years married, 2 cats, 4 houses going on 5, 5 kids and still going strong.
  9. I LOVE that's a unstatment I am obsessed with Jared Leto he's beautiful =)
  10. I have a small crush on the McD's guy he's only 20 but such a sweet heart and very cute. Hubby knows and thinks it's funny.


April said...

Lesley, I've always wished we lived closer! I think we would make great friends! I love your blog page!

proudmommy said...

thanks April!! I would LOVE it and I am sure the kids would also.