My Family

My Family

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Changes are coming to our family

As much as I want to just give up on everything because of everything going on. I can't I love my girls, I love God, I am blessed with what we already have.

Hubby's job is laying off in September he will be working at the factory 1 year when they lay off, he is one of them being laid off. Yes he gets unemployment but we have already been through that 3 years ago. I am looking for a full time job since I can not work more than 24 hours at my current job since it's a assisted living place and they just don't offer many hours. They are SUPER strict about overtime as well. He does have a job interview Monday but it's a $4 pay cut and 3rd shift so I wouldn't be able to work much if he got that since we can't afford daycare,and someone needs to drive our oldest back and forth to school. We are looking for a rental that is cheaper as well since we can't afford where we are now. It's just a new phase of our life we are going through , dont' like it but it will turn out for the best. It always does.

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April said...

Shaylee can't be bussed? I'd look into that, Lesley. It might help keep things less hectic. Hope things work out they way they are meant to.