My Family

My Family

Monday, April 5, 2010

Randomness /Easter/ Weather

The weather has been BEAUTIFUL out the last week and we just can't seem to get enough of it . Since we are both without jobs we can up and go drive around and look for a perfect place to run around and play . We ended up not cleaning the house for Easter dinner till the night before ! We did a good job believe it or not ! Easter was a casual dinner and lazy time around the living room just visiting and playing with the girls . Cassie ended up rolling over again 4 times YAY she hasn't rolled over since a few months ago . She has yet to roll over again since Easter . Shaylee got her basket of goodies and has been playing with her "babies" ( 2 Barbie dolls) ever since .

So my picture thing is so odd I wanted my pictures of outside here but it didn't do that !!

We have such cabin fever we are hardly home we just want to play outside !

I really want to stay outside it's so yummy to breathe in that spring air !!!!!

We ended up in Camden ,IN and found a great little park that we played at for about an hour. None of us wanted to leave !

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