My Family

My Family

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Looking at life through a 3 years old eye's

It can't get any better than seeing your 3 year old play in the leaves with papaw after being cooped up all winter indoors since we don't have alot of yard to play in and gramma and papaw do. Oh wait what would be better is BOTH my girls playing outside with papaw but that will come before I know it !

Shaylee was so excited about the "new" ( to her) sandbox that gramma and papaw found for her . " Look at my Ladybug , it's a Bug like me !" ( we call her Bug ) she is so proud of it . Wheel barrel rides , raking with papaw , she had a blast all in her Carebear jammies , hoodie and Crocs!!

Life is beautiful through bad and good times I know this because of Shaylee, I see this because of Shaylee. I wish I could have taken pictures of her outside playing with papaw because I could have gotten a ton of great ones. I have the memories though and now this blog that I can look back at .


Misty said...

That picture of Cassie is soo cute! Hope all is going well for all of you. Love you.

proudmommy said...

thanks sweetie !! She LOVES that her Elly that the Easter bunny brought her, she attacks it and giggles . It's funny . We miss you !