My Family

My Family

Monday, April 5, 2010


As much as I want to stay home forever with my girls I know my family needs the income . I am looking into a part time job in the evening . Steve is looking into going back to school in June. I have only heard back from one place and that is Hobby Lobby . Had a interview and FAILED because they had me take a math test !!! OMG They told me to come back as soon as I remember how to do that math . I went back the next day the manager wasn't so I asked they told me Mon. went in on Mon. she wasn't in asked they said Thurs. went in Thursday she wasn't in . It was really making me angry that I was getting what I am thinking the run around. Waited till today went in and she was FINALLY in she acted like she didn't care and that she was surprised that I came back . Not even sure if I want to work at a store where they don't even want me it seems.

I have been wanting to sell Barefoot Books once I start a job as well because I know tons of parents and I think I could make a good amount from it once I do it for awhile .

We will see though still thinking about .......

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Marc said...

Know how you feel Lesley!
I've been waiting to hear back from a job for 61 days as of today. They've called me 5 times, did 1 interview, and still waiting. They call me once a week and say things are looking great, but they are still in the decision making process. Makes me wonder about the company and how organized they actually are. Hang in there;)