My Family

My Family

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Carseat Safety

I really hate yes HATE seeing parents not caring to do research about carseats and safety . They just go by what the doctors tell them which is usually that they can FF at 1 year and 20 lb. They have changed it BUT if you did the research you would find out that it's safest to RF till the highest weight limit which can be anywhere from 30 lbs to 45 lb. Then harness till the highest weight for that as well which can be from usually 60 lbs -80 lbs . Boosters before the age of 6 is bad . Harnessing as long as you can is sooooooo much better ! They have so many sites about carseat safety just search and carseats that have higher weight limits . Children DESERVE to be as safe as they can be so do NOT go with convince to YOU go with SAFETY ! So many parents go with boosters at a early age because boosters are cheap .

Shaylee was RF until she hit the weight limit for RF and that was 35 lbs she was only 18 months sadly . I was so wanting to have her RF till over the age of 2. Atleast she is harnessed being FF and will be till she is 80 lb .
Cassie will be RF till she is 45 lbs ( we were able to get a car seat that RF's till 45 lbs ) and then FF harnessed till 80 lb .
keeping my girls safe is VERY important to me .
I am HUGE on car seat safety if you want to ask me questions go ahead . has a great carseat safety group I would recommend .

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