My Family

My Family

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

4 months

Cassie turned 4 months today ( well the 24th in about a hour but I wanted to write while I am thinking about it ) !
She has grown so much in the last few months we don't know her exact measurements till her checkup on the 1st . I also have grown more and more in love with her in just the short time she has been with us . Her personality is slowing showing more and more and it's half her own and half like her sister's ! LOL It's hard to make her laugh but very easy to make smile like it was with Shaylee . We are working on getting her to laugh almost had it one day when I was singing BINGO to her . She is also a fighter when it comes to sleeping she fights it bad when she is tired . She got to use the ExerSaucer the other day and she enjoyed it she has already learned to move a few of the toys and how to turn herself in it . Funny how fast they learn things ! She has rolled over once and that was it !! She gets so close to doing it again . She hates rice cereal !! We have tried it several times and she just doesn't like it so we will wait a few more weeks . Shaylee also didn't like till about 5 months then ate it everyday till about 2 years old! She loves the song Twinkle Star.

I am hoping that somehow we can afford to get a Sunshine Kids Radian 80 SL it RF's to 45lb then harness's FF to 80 lbs !! AWESOME ! Shaylee only only made RF to 18 months because she met the limits (35 lbs) this carseat would have Cassie sit RF longer then when she got to 45 lbs move her to the Graco Nautilus ( Shaylee's seat ) and move Shaylee to the Radian till she is 80 lbs then by then Cassie would be able to move back to the Radian . $270 we have to save somehow .......... It's a MUST though for us because it's about safety for our girls .

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