My Family

My Family

Thursday, January 28, 2010

She's 3 !

Shaylee turned 3 on the 17th of January . Oh how mama cried not sure why 3 hit me so hard but it just did ! I cried thinking of her turning 3 and how much she has grown into the little girl she is and thinking of all the new things she will get to do and such over this year . She will see her little sister start crawling , talking, walking ,etc. She will learn how to swim more this summer , learn to ride a bike better , so many things .

Her birthday was a small party with her favorite people in her world , grandma and papaw ( my parents ) auntie Logan ( my sister ) and GG ( my grandma her great grandma ) . We did a Disney Princess / Tinkerbell theme and it turned out great ! She loved it . She got all kinds of new toys ( like she really needed them after Christmas !!) . Surprisingly she plays with EVERYTHING she got almost daily . She LOVES playing tea party WHILE also playing doctor office !! Have a cup a tea while getting a shot !! LOL . She got a drawing desk, a table and chair set to eat out ( when Cassie gets older they can both eat at it !) , Little People Airplane ( she LOVES planes just like her daddy !) , books ( never have too many of them !) , boy I can't think of all the other gifts she got she got so many ! SPOILED MUCH !!??

We had pizza , salad, chips , and cheesebread for dinner and the best cupcake cake for dessert !

She had so much fun !!

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